Friday, June 19, 2009

no way hose b

Lucy's vocabulary is incredible.

Not only does she speak with a wide range
of words,
but she tries very hard to get them
just right....
even her pronouns!

She will say, "Mama, do I say him or his?


And when she wants to know what something is
that she is unfamiliar with...

say will ask, "What's that Mama?

I'll say, "Well Lucy, that's a Hydrangea flower"

Lucy, "Oh, hydrangea. Yes."
*pronounced her very own way, and you can
almost see her filing
that bit of info into her brain.


I say to her a lot, "No way Jose!"
and she has
quickly caught onto this and
started saying it also.

It is was so cute.

Her father ruined it for her...and me.

He started telling her, "No way hose B."

Get it? "No way Jose (hose A),
No way hose B).

So now that's all she says!!

With all her Lucy sassiness,
"No way hose B!"


It drives me crazy!
No one knows what's she's talking about
except for father.

It's not even funny.

He thinks it's hilarious.


Debby said...

Lindsi's language crawls along (she's deaf). She's about with her peers in language dev, but there are still things she says that are hard to understand. A set a brothers ride her bus (both deaf as well). They are Marko & OJ..or so Lindsi called them.....nearly the last day of school I found out that OJ was REALLY JOSE.....geesh....
I'd been calling him OJ all year. At least he's a lip reader, so I don't think he knew I thought he had a different name!!
My Jose story....
See..No Way O-B makes even less

Nancy said...

It is absolutely nurture. Please make sure she knows a lot is two words. Wait until she gets to who and whom. lol

Jaime said...

reminds me of a joke i know...
what did the Mexican fire cheif name his twin sons?
Jose and Hose-B


codyssister1 said...

that made me laugh out loud! what a crack up. Miss Sassafrass and now a comedian too! :D

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