Friday, June 19, 2009

consider this.....

I mailed all (but one, which will go out today) of the
giveaway prizes yesterday!!

It was so fun shipping them off...
though I was a little sad to part with it all!

One thing that hit me hard as I was sewing away,
making my fun little items
was that Big Box stores.....sell things

so.darn. cheap.

I would get a bit discouraged when
I would walk into T*rget and
see a cute fabric purse....
for what it COST me to make!

AND they are making a profit.


It really hit home to me how the 'ma & pop'
stores are going, going....gone,
because there's just no way to compete
with stores who can
buy in HUGE quantities at a fraction
of the cost.

No, I am NOT anti-big business...
I love WM & T*rget.

I'm thrilled that I can buy things I need
for my home for a reasonable price
because the big guys have worked out
some great deals.


for those little people,
just trying to make a buck (or ten!),
it's almost impossible
to compete.

Here's my proposition to you...
would you consider,
at least for the gifts that you buy for
your friends and family...

to buy homemade items?

Etsy is an awesome site for such things.
I really encourage you to stop
by, and take a looksy...
there are some REALLY talented
and creative folks out there!

Buy something that was made by
a gal who is trying to maintain her
stay-at-home status...
or a grandma who just loves to
knit & wants to support her "habit"!!

You know what I mean.

So, that all leads me to....

my continued effort to raise $ for our

I am going to make some things
and list them here (and likely on Etsy),
and if you would like to buy something,
just shoot me an email & we will
work the deal!

Here is my first item...

A 35 x 47" very girly rag quilt!

Closer up...

And the back is pretty darn cute too!
(includes shipping)

So, if you have a baby gift you need to buy soon,
please consider this cute and cozy
handmade quilt that any girl would adore!
If you are interested, email me...


even if you don't buy something from me...
please consider a handmade gift
from someone!


Nancy said...

I am so, so glad you are doing this. I LOVE Etsy. You are right. Everything is cute and very reasonable. You will be getting my order soon.

Jaime said...

i love Love LOVE etsy. if i'm looking for something in particular, or something special... it's the first palce i go! shirts, dresses, jewelry, art, jax stuff (toys, clothes) baby slings, etc. LOVE IT!
and i love going on there and there is a way to select to look at stores still waiting on their first sale. one day i'll find something on there and i will be that person's first sale and lift their spirits!!!!!

Jean said...

I will check out etsy- never heard of it, I better get over there!

I love love love your quilts and I am totally interested!
I will e-mail you!

Tracy said...

Beautiful,girly little blanky! I too love Etsy and was acutally turned on to Etsy by another blogger. Another nice thing about Etsy incase some of you dont know, is that the people who make these items, alot of them are willing to customize, or make a one of a kind something for you. I love stained glass and got with a guy on Etsy who came up with three little stained glass heart pieces that he personalized for each of my girls. Its called the three pieces of my heart. I could not have gone to WM or Target to get that. My girls loved them.

Chris and Sarah said...

I love Etsy! Actually for Christmas last year I was going to try to buy something for everyone that was from people raising money for adoptions but then Chris lost his job.

I'm up for your small business challenge and I will see what I can do. GREAT idea by the way!

I may use this challenge on my blog too sometime.

christy rose said...

I love buying handmade with love items. That blanket is beautiful. I wish I had a baby girl. I would buy it in a heartbeat.
I have an award for you. Would you please stop by my site and pick it up. I am giving you some shout out too.

Karin said...

I will have to check out Etsy. :) I love your quilt. It's gorgeous and you are very talented!!

julie said...

Thanks for the link to Etsy, I've never heard of it. I checked it out-and I love it!

I may have to try selling my baskets on there.

By the way, how's the baby bird?

~*Michelle*~ said...

OK, so you just made my uterus skip a beat with that beautiful gorgeous! now all I need is for God to bless us with a new baby and I am ALL over that!!!

oh, I adore handmade.....I just did a giveaway promoting handmade items. I have an addiction to handmade soap and knitted hats. :)

I also have an Etsy store too...I think it is so important to support work at home families and artists.

Holly said...

I never heard of Etsy, but I just popped over there. You are so right. So cute!! And I LOVE your rag quilt. I know of any little girls I could buy for???

quilt'n mama said...

I love the quilt!!!!
Great job! Rag quilts are so fun:) I'm excited for you to continue and I completely agree about shopping Etsy, I love it!
BTW, I finally got your check dropped in the mail:) Life's been a bit crazy:) Life and finishing everything up for our 6 month post placement for Nate this coming Thursday! Wow, time flies!


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