Friday, June 26, 2009

big girls pants....

Last night after a bath,
I was trying to convince Lucy to wear
big girls underpants....until

Thinking it would help greatly
(but obviously not carefully choosing my words),
I said,

"Brenden wears big girl pants!"

That caught Lucy's attention
and she quickly replied....

"NOOOO, Brenden doesn't wear big girl pants!"

"He wears BOY big girl pants!!"



Jaime said...

aw! look! you got to your triple digits!!!!!

fromt he mouths of babes... Lucy cracks me up

McNew Family said...

That it too funny! On the flip side, when we numbered 3 boys and 1 girl, our daughter called her panties undershorts!

Michele said...

Too cute! My grandmother calls them step-in's. That could go either way, LOL!

Holly said...

Ha ha ha!! That reminds me that my mom used to call all underwear "panties". She would tell my brothers to put on their panties! Still makes me laugh thinking about it.

Jean said...

We have no clue what to do with our little diaper girl- she has no desire to go on the potty! Let me know if you have a secret weapon to get this going!!

I bet brendan loves hearing about his boy big girl underpants!

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