Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Time is Heather Coming? AAAHH!!

Yesterday was such a fun day! Nick met up with a homeschool buddy
of his to play golf. After I dropped him off, Lucy and I
went to the fabric store. This time, she was wonderfully behaved and
allowed me to buy a lot of things...
for my soon-to-be-revealed super secret project.

After we left there I told Lucy I would buy her an ice cream cone. I totally
don't believe in bribery for good behavior. BUT,
rewards come to the righteous so she got a treat BECAUSE she was
good, not as plea in the beginning to please, please be good!

Does that make sense?? Truly, it's just in the wording.
Basically, I want my kids to behave appropriately because it's the right thing to do, not because they will get something...

Moving on.....

Lucy and I got home around lunchtime and she immediately
dug into her toys and I dug into my super secret project.

I was on a roll and sewed, sewed, and sewed for hours!

Morning dishes, sat waiting for attention.
Lunch dishes sat, waiting in the same line.
Toys, laundry, misc. items, strewn about my house.


I thought.....once K-man sends me a text saying he's on his way
home, I'll jump up and get this place in shape.

This one time, he didn't tell me he was on his way.
He just showed up.


Thankfully, my sweet hubby is so easy-going, it takes way more to
ruffle his feathers than a messy house but
he did jokingly ask, "what in the world happened here?!"

That was about 4:00.
He then said, "I'm going out to mow....or do you need me
to help you out in here?"

"Oh no, go mow....I'll finish up what I'm doing then tackle this mess."

"Ok. By the way.....what time is Heather coming?"

(wishing I had deodorant on)


How in the world could I possibly forget?


Who is Heather you ask??

Only our SOCIAL WORKER for Lucy's final post-placement

AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! She's coming in an hour and 15 minutes!!!

I'm happy to announce though that when the pressure is on,
this gal can move at lightning speed.
I got the house very presentable.

I told Heather about it when she arrived and she thought it was
quite funny & said I didn't need to clean up just for her.

Ha. Right.


After a lovely visit with Heather, we grilled burgers
and had a family picnic outside on the
picnic table K-man just built for us!!!!

Then we all just played outside for a while cause the weather
was unbelievably beautiful!!

(I tried and tried to upload the pic of our picnic table but for the life
of me, it just wouldn't work!! I'll show ya later!)

Of course, Nick practiced chipping.

Brenden got all comfy (??) on the hammock.....
Lucy got him straightened out and pushed him for the longest time!

Look at how beautiful my peonies are!!!

I tried and tried to get Lucy to smell them..... she just didn't get it!

So Brenden showed her what I meant....

Sort of. *sigh*


Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay at least Nick is OUTSIDE putting, Kevin insists on full swings in the living room so he can watch his reflection in the sliding glass doors!

Tracy said...

Your yard looks so nice. I love all of the green. This is my fav. time of the year, when you get to go outside just as its getting dark and its starts to cool off. Of course here where I live its been in the high 80s already, so we look forward to the evenings.
I cant wait to see what it is you are sewing up. Hope you dont keep us waiting too long.

Holly said...

Oh my WORD, I totally know how that felt! Panic!

Your peonies really are beautiful. I'm wondering where you guys live, because mine don't bloom until June for sure.

Jaime said...

beautiful peonies! and your boys still crack me up! ahhh! the social worker shuffle! been there done that! (sorry for all the exclamation points)

Tony and Rett said...

HYSTERICAL! I love your posts...your run downs...LOVE THEM!

I cannot wait to see what your project is! I've been sewing lately too! Ahem, I use that term loosely!

And YAY! Final post placement! WHOO HOO!

Glad to catch up with you!

Karin said...

I am CRACKING up that you forgot the social worker because of a project you were doing! That totally sounds like something I would do!! Oh...and my peonies are still at the big ol' bud stage...

Stacy said...

My day is much better now that you have posted. Your peonies are beautiful. I can't wait to hear and see your double secret project. I understand why you worried so about Heather coming but our social worker never even left the living room on her follow up visits and I always about killed myself getting ready for her.

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

haha, brenden. Great picts. Oh, I wonder what the project is! I'm so curious now. lol

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers! Reminds me of my granny - she called them "pinies".

Jean said...

I love your peonies! I noticed them in the pic before you even mentioned them!

We meet with our social worker tomorrow! 6 months!
Are they going to let you keep Lucy?? If not, we'd love her!!

It looks beautiful outside! I am wondering what your super secret project is??


Ted said...

Funny post about forgetting your social worker was coming for a visit! I can only imagine how fast you must have flown getting everything picked up!!

Lori - we got the news we have been praying for from Ch*na! They said yes! Really, God said yes!

God is good!

Janet and Kevin

Chad and Kristy said...

I want a picnic table so bad but I refuse to pay $100 for one! It must be nice to have a handy hubby around... mine is just books smart:)

quilt'n mama said...

Glad you got a visit done, we have our 6 month post placement in June! The time has gone quickly since Nate got home!


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