Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lucy, MD

Lucy was really up and down yesterday. She had a fever off and on and a runny nose and watery eyes. Oh, and extreme whining, but can blame her? Poor girl. Poor Mama.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday that Lucy had been looking forward to since her last appointment. I had told her when she got her shots that Mama had to get shots soon too. Well, she clung to the revenge that was attached to that and periodically asked me when I was going.

My day came yesterday. I had to get a second Hep A shot for our trip to Ch*na and I wanted to ask the doctor a few questions about Shu Li. When I showed my doc SL's file she about fell off her little stool when she saw her height and weight! Well, she's just a tiny Ch*nese girl. And believe you me, we will introduce her to some yumminess that will pad her frame a bit!

When I got home from my appointment Lucy was quick to greet me. She ran to the car door and immediately started the interrigation.

"Mommy, did you get an ouie in your arm? Did you get a shot? Let me see!"

I assured her that "Yes, I got my shot....see?"

I showed her my kid-friendly bandaid and and she said, "Oh Baby, I'm sorry. Are you OK? Are you sad? It will be alright. Oh Baby I'm sorry."

ALL.EVENING.LONG. She checked on me to make sure I was ok and when I suggested I take my bandaid off she burst into tears.

It was sooooo sweet!!! If this little lady ever becomes a doctor her bedside manners will be spectacular!! Make your appointments now!


Nancy said...

She will also make a great mother...she must have an excellent role model.

Karin said...

That is so precious!! I'm sure she learned from you!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

How did you get Lucy with no Hep A shot? U crazy to travel to China with no Hep A vaccine!!! Glad you are covered this time!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

haha, that is so sweet.

Brittne said...


Shonni said...

The little nurturer in her is so precious!

Sarah Dawn said...

Too precious! What a beautiful reminder of how your love and tender touch are shaping a mom of the future. Happy Mother's Day.

Blessings from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn

Jean said...

She is just the cutest- I can hear you saying all those wonderful things to her when she got her shot- like momma like daughter!


Holly said...

That is PRECIOUS! And it shows exactly the kind of mommy she has. :)

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