Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Fun-Filled Weekend!

I hope everyone had a super happy Mother's Day!! My gang got me
my Mother's Day pizza that I requested!!
We sat and ate pizza together after fuss, no muss.
Then I got a much needed Sunday afternoon nap.

Aaaahh, life is good.


Yesterday was a FULL day!!

I'll go backwards, starting with the evening since I am
too lazy to move the pictures around that
I posted in reverse order.

Brenden had a dance last night at school. Isn't this a great pic?!!
He wasn't even was just a candid snapshot.


It was a masquerade party.......


My sweet boy is now icky looking. :(

Ok, my manly man spent the entire day working hard
around the house.

And the bulk of his time was spent
putting Lucy's new swing set together!!!

Is it done yet??

Ok, if I help will this go faster??

Well, hello camera!!

I'm gettin' really happy about this....but I still don't know
exactly what my Daddy is building here...


We ran out of daylight before the final project could be finished.
And today, K-man is really under the weather (caught
what Lucy had I reckon).

So I will post pics of Lucy's new fun-filled play area
just as soon as we get it done.
*don't you like I use the word we! Truth is, there's not much
me in we.


Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day with your little China doll. She will love the swingset. We have one in our backyard for my granddaughter and she calls it her park.

Sarah Dawn said...

What glorious pictures, the reason your mommy's day should be extra special.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Karin said...

You can leave the 'we' in there since SOMEONE had to take pictures, right?! Great the candid one of your handsome boy and all those cute shots of Lucy! :)

Jaime said...

so, how is lucy in a t-shirt AND a hoodie, and k-man is in a sleeveless tee?

(oh... by the way, i may be making a road to to Kansas City in a few weeks... i think the KC in Missouri... it supposedly only, like, 3.5 hours away!)

Debby said...

Great shots of Lucy. She will love the swingset. My girls play on theirs daily.

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