Friday, May 15, 2009

Laverne & Shirley....on a fast

My friend Patty (and when I say friend I mean one rockin' cool adoptive
Mom that I met online), and I email constantly since
we have so much in common, mostly, our current adoptions of
our older girls.

We have a good time and we even call ourselves,

Laverne & Shirley

because we are such fun, quirky gals who are totally up for an adventure.

I'm Laverne....Patty's Shirley

As I mentioned recently Patty is watching
the clock tick-tock away as the time is drawing near that she must
travel in order to adopt her adorable daughter
before she turns 14.

Trouble is........

She's still waiting on that dog-gone LOA (Letter of Approval).


And.....the sw*ne flu continues to keep things at a stand-still.


I honestly can say that I've prayed just as much, if not more, for her adoption as I have my own.

Last Monday we both (plus some sweet real-life friends) fasted and prayed.

Truly, it made a difference....I have no doubt.
But we haven't seen the fruit of that yet.

Last night we were emailing back and forth and I told her that perhaps the biggest
lesson God would have us learn in all this is to COMPLETELY
rely on Him.
And that perhaps......we were relying a bit too much on rumors....and tid bits
of information we scrounge around for on the internet.


This is a huge habit for both of us. Huge.
We can get our hopes way up or plummet into discouragement.....

all based on something we've read online (aka, RUMOR).

We both knew this was wrong.
And Patty suggested we go on a fast.....from all rumors.

You may think.....that's silly, that's no sacrifice.....that's just an excuse to not give up food.
Well, let me tell ya.....hard as it is, going without food for a day
would be much easier for both of us.
But actually, I'm planning on fasting from food on Monday also.

To give you an idea of how much I "rely" on these rumors.....
I refresh the rumor site no less than about every
half hour (when I'm home), and read ALL the comments....
in hopes of finding something that
will give me some hope and a sense of control.

See! That's all wrong. more Rumor Qu*en, no more yahoo groups
where it's more of the same.

Now until next Friday.

I ask you to join us.......if giving up RQ isn't a sacrifice for you, then please consider
giving up something else that will lead to you pray
frequently about this sw*ne flu situation, that Patty would get
her LOA SOON (OK, and me too!!), and all the other adoptions being held
up because of this illness (like my friend Rachel who has her TA travel approval and
is ready to go!!).

Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

If you are unfamiliar with RQ, it is a site for information and yes, rumors, in regards to Ch*na adoptions. Much of the information truly is reliable and based on facts but a lot of it is speculation.


Jaime said...

man! that whole God's timing thing and trusting in only Him.. it's brutal. but you are a strong CHristian woman who knows God's blessing and timing and you can do this. no more speculation, only GOD! i'll be praying for you (and patty)!

Karin said...

Laverne, girl, I can soooo relate. The first time we adopted, I was a mess. Flying high on good rumors, plummeting low with bad ones. Each day my husband could tell by one look at my face what the rumors were on 'the list.' (Our one and only Yahoo list at the time) God directed us to adopt again after we had only been home a few months, and I knew that the only way I could stay sane was to stay away from 'the list.' It was sooo hard...but it saved me a lot of stress. That whole control hard to admit that we have NONE!! :) The day ordained for your sweet girl to come home WILL NOT CHANGE no matter what the piggy flu is doing. I also believe that Shirley's daughter will come home in time..on His time. Praying for you guys!!

Patty said...

Its Shirley here.........that is so stinkin' hilarious, I can't believe you found a photo of them to put on here! Well you are the supremo blogger chick........I'm still at the techno dummy cheesy easy blogger stage LOL! Baby steps........
And its a good thing we didn't fast on food today cuz' we just got back from a chinese buffet with the inlaws......LOL
God is good, it will be OK and I'm so glad you and your bloggy friends will all shout from the rooftops with me when we get our LOA!!!

Rachel said...

Didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read this. I am so there. Honestly, I told myself "No RQ this weekend." (Remember when God had even given me the "Some trust in chariots...but we trust in the name of the Lord our God" verse?!) Well, didn't I do a quick check in with the RQ before I checked your blog?! Urgh!! I will definitely devote this week to some more focused prayer for our adoptions, especially when the rumor urge hits! Thank you dear friend!

Chris said...

OK Laverne and Shirley, will keep praying for you... well and the CCAA, c'mon!!!
Yes you know God has His reasons, but it is so hard when you don't know the big picture.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Great thing to fast from. RQ and yahoo groups have a purpose, but often times they can distract you from staying focused on our Father who has a plan for all our waiting children!!!

Chris and Sarah said...

That is not a good site for you to be on right now and I pray you have the strength to stay off of it. I was just as bad with that site when we were in the final few months waiting to travel. It's actually scary how much that site sucks you in.

I know (trust me I know) how hard it will be but God is wayyyyy bigger than RQ. Only God knows what is really going on.

Chad and Kristy said...

I haven't been able to get Patty off my mind since you shared her story. I prayer for daily.. ok many times daily.

Have you read Kathy's blog today? She is in our group as well and waiting. I found it very uplifting. Although I am not waiting for my daughter to come home I am waiting for my daughter to heal so these verese really hit home... check it out.

Praying for you gals!

Jean said...

I love that verse!! I need to read it over and over again!!

I will be praying for Patty's LOA. It is so hard to wait and it does get scary as the time passes by- prayin that it comes soon!!

Laverne and Shirley- that is cute!!

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