Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great Expectations

Another fun-filled weekend!

Saturday Lucy and I had a fun lunch date with my friend Teanne at
our FAVORITE (and world's best) Chinese restaurant.

We had a great visit & awesomely yummy food.


Saturday night Brenden was in his school play,
which was....

I will try to upload a few of the 100 pics I took later!


And now it's Sunday evening....
of course,
this morning was church.
We watched the most incredible video on teenagers
and how that time-span for our kiddos
is really quite modern (the way we define it today).....

when you look back a hundred years or more,
there were some incredible young men and women (teenagers)
who had high expectations and achieved a great deal, which now days
would only be accomplished by a mature adult.

So why in the world do we let our teens
live as if life is just a party during these years??

Such a waste.

A strong foundation should be in the making during this time.
And we should expect much from them,
because they are capable of much!!

That leads me to the teens at my house right as I type this...

Here are some pics of the great young men who are
capable of greatness.....???

(we have some work to do)

Nick.....refusing to get in.
(Ummm, who can blame him? It's only 75

out & the water is a balmy 65!)

But Brenden does his part to "encourage" him.

Our friend Ethan....

And Nate.

Brenden....making his father proud....?

And the great Brenden, showin' em how it's done...

Nick made it in with one final "encouraging" push.


Holly said...

Oh, wow, I so totally agree with that thought about teenagers. I think teens have the troubles staying focused that they do because we as a society don't let them really DO anything.

Sarah Dawn said...

Completely 100% agree, that's why we serve on the mission field with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). Our passion is to raise up and equip YOUNG people to change their world. We have seen them do amazing things, they have the spunk, the drive, and no one has told them that they can't! God is using the youth of today to change the world of today, tomorrow, and eternity.

Hugs from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Debby said...

BRRRRR.....Our weather is in the 90's & pool water is at 85...still kind of cold for me to get in (at first). Our natural springs in the area are 72 all year long. Can't imagine 65 water. I'm totally with Nick on that one!!!

jan said...

lori, i love your boys and i only know them through pictures :) spunk, like their mama...

can you provide the name/producer of the video? would like to see about getting it for our teen group.

prayed for you this morning and your friend patty are in my journal, so never to be forgotten during prayer time.... :)

xoxoxo, jan :)

Nancy said...

You really got some great pix, Lori. And as a high school teacher, I totally agree with your comments are the abilities of teens. We need to get the teens to believe that can do so much more.

Tracy said...

I think its sad what society is doing to our young generation. There is no resposibility put on them, they are made to feel and believe that nothing is in their power, including...stepping up to take resposibility when they have done something wrong. Thats why its so important for us parents to stay involved and to build our kids up, to tell them what they ARE capable of doing. Our youth today is literally begging for positive attention. I believe that deep down they want to go out and conquer the world, they just need someone to believe in them and tell them that they can. Ok, ok, Im off the soap box. hee, hee
On another note, I loved the sophisticated poses from poolside by your son. That kid really has a future in comedy. He makes me laugh.

Karin said...

Man...I totally agree!!! I have been rather frustrated with my teens of late--who like to sleep late, watch TV and play mindless video games. UGH. Did the video have ideas on how to push them to do greater things?! :))

Jaime said...

good point with the teens. i'll have to remember it when i get some. refresh this in about 5 years or so (jax will only be 7, but hopefully we'll have adopted some older kids by then).

your boys are hilarious!

quilt'n mama said...

I LOVE the pool pictures! They had me rolling! I'm catching up today after a busy weekend and love to stop by, you give me such a great dose of laughter each time!

Chris said...

Your boys are crazy, but the fact that one of them was sitting beside you reading blogs means there is some greatness potential (or maybe not)
I'm wondering too how to keep pushing these guys, my oldest graduates on Fri!!! So hard to know when to let them "learn a lesson" or not squash a great idea...

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