Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hang on tight! And a ruined pedicure....

For those of you who are on the adoption roller coaster
(particularly, Ch*na adoption) ,

Let me ask you......

Are you feeling a little like this these days?

Oh my, I know I do!!

Although I gotta tell ya......
I'm feeling really optimistic that good news is on the way!!


Once again....

I didn't sleep well last night, not because of sweet Lucy Joy,
but because our smoke detectors beeped
three times in a row last night......
then silence.

Our detectors are wired into the house,
so it wasn't bad batteries.
K-man just gave a, "Oh good grief," to the annoying sound.

Me, laying there with a multitude of horrendous scenarios
running through my mind said,

"Oh honey, don't you think you should go make sure things are ok??"
(with my foot pushing him out of bed as I said it...JK!!)

Being the good hubby he is,
he got up and went through the house looking for fire.

Everything was A-Ok.....
it didn't even wake anyone else up.
An ear-piercing shrill in the middle of the night,
potentially warning us of possible harm,
and no one was....alarmed.

All that resulted was ME NOT SLEEPING!!!
Now I'm drinking coffee so strong that it will keep me
buzzing until next Tuesday.


THANK YOU so much for praying for Lucy!!
Yesterday she was WAY better!
Just a really runny nose.

In fact, she felt so well that she took a romp on the
trampoline. When she came inside, here's what her
freshly pedicured feet looked like!

Oh my goodness....even filthy dirty, I want to just nibble
on those sweet chubby toes!!


Jaime said...

my or my.. those feet are dirty! we have a few of those smoke detectors too. can't stand them!the go off randomly... we actually have one in the hallway near our guest bath. any time a guest takes a hot shower and forgets to use the exhaust fan, it goes off. can you imagine their fear, in the middle of a shower and they hear a smoke detector go off? pesky things.... always in the middle of the night too.. never during the day dot hey randomly chirp.
can you bring me some of that coffee. i need it too.

Hezra said...

lol yes I DO feel like I am on that roller coaster of adoption. Though snother country. Yes lucys piggy toes are pretty cute. My 5 yo boy continues to go barefoot no matter how many owies he gets. It would actually alarm you to see ho dirty his feet get. Maybe I should take a picture because one day I might forget. But I have to be honest, I cannot bring myself to THINK of kissing his toes. lol Does that make me a bad mommy o a smart one? lol bbesides I kiss his face and neck and love that it makes him giggle. So he DOES get the kisses and hugs.

Janet and Kevin said...


Thanks for the chuckle about adopting from Ch*na. Loved the picture. That's exactly how we feel right now! Couldn't have said it better.


Holly said...

Ha! That roller coaster picture is awesome! I just can't decide which face is more like me...depends on the day. :) And trust me, I am soooooooooo ready to meet our girl. Let me tell ya! I am working hard to be patient!!

Glad you all are safe. I think about that and worry more way more than I used to.

Karin said...

The look on the little girl's face in the roller coaster picture is PRICELESS!!! :) I sooo hope you get some good news soon.

Adorable little toes, even black with dirt. :)

Our smoke alarms occasionally do that. Next time it happens, I will think of Linny, and I won't sleep a wink, either.

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