Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've had like 4 hours of sleep.

Poor little Lucy had a rough night.....she had a fever, which has me
a bit worried.

But I'm thinking it may just be an ear infection.

Pray for her if you think of it....she's just not being her silly self!!


Ok, I'm gonna show ya my pretty-much-finished bedroom.

If you've ever been to my house, you know that I almost
always say something like,

"Oh don't look at this messy house!"
"I really need to clean....."

even if I just cleaned thoroughly, I say something
like that just to cover myself!

I gotta kick that habit!!

But not now.

So as you view these pics, just know that I still have some
finishing touches to do and remember
that I was on a strict budget so it's not extravagant!

And I'm not super crazy about my window treatments.
I made the valances & (my mom) bought the
panels. But they do look way better in person.


and pardon the "mess!"

I heard on Oprah once that you should never have pictures
of your children in your bedroom.
That thought has stuck in my head for YEARS and
I didn't dare go against what O (or her decorator) said....

Until NOW. Good grief.

Why in the world would I NOT want the most
precious people in my life hanging on my

Oprah, you don't know what you are talking about (99.9% of the time)!!

So I printed some black & white pics, put them in pretty
frames then hung them right over our bed.

Notice there's plenty of room for plenty more! :)


Shonni said...

Very beautiful...and it was the sweet pictures that I noticed first...I like the way you did them.

Lisa said...

I will be praying for Lucy and hope she returns to good health soon.

I think your bedroom looks beautiful. It looks very relaxing and calming.

Mom Of Many said...

It looks gorgeous!! Love the color!

And as for O's advice...did ya' ever think that she said that just cause she doesn't have any kids? Just a thought. =)

Praying for sweet little Lucy....and it looks like it's a "go" for the we'll talk dates later and where we could meet, if you guys are up to it.

For now, I am dragging my weary bee-hind to the couch for a cup of home at 1:15am. Mission accomplished (for this week)...xo

Jaime said...

lafonda sagebrush is amazing! and i don't agree with oprah b/c i just don't agree with her. she's a nut. but... i don't have pictures in our bedroom either... i don't want to feel like people, especially family, are watching jon and i get all freaky with each other. but you and k-man do whatever you want. freaks. (j/k!)

Hezra said...

ha ha ha Jaime, I agree , I can't have famil pics or kid pics just because it makes me feel weird. I want my room to be a private love nest. They inhabit the rest of the house, but they arent on my bedroom walls. But I think it is a personal thing(lol and I didn't know O said it or I may have rebelled just to rebell.) Your bedroom looks amazing warm and inviting. Very pretty!! Well done on the boudoir my friend!

Anonymous said...

I have pics of my kids in my bedroom too. There are just so many I love that I can't put them all in the family room. I really, really love pics of my kids!!

Besides, you shouldn't be thinking about what's on the walls when you-know-what is going on - or something's wrong!!! LOL

Holly said...


And why not hang your kids' pics in your bedroom? Weird. She probably said that because she doesn't have any kids.

Denise said...

Well done! And I have pics of my kiddos in our room too!!

Chris said...

Looks good! no mess in sight!
If little Lucy has an ear infection you might as well head to the Dr.
Poor thing, poor mom

Tracy said...

Ok...seriously...I dont know what you are apologizing for. Very beautiful. I love everything. Did you make the pillow? Really cute. And as far as Oprah, as I was reading what you wrote about the pictures I was thinking "She doesn't have children." Im glad you didnt head her advice on that one. You really did a great job. Be Proud!

Tracy said...

Oops (Heed) to her advice)

Karin said...

I LOVE IT!! It's gorgeous...and I love the pictures of your kids. I have always thought it was dumb that kids pictures shouldn't be on the wall in the parents bedroom. We have their other stuff all over the place in our room...why not cute pics? :)

quilt'n mama said...

We'll be praying for Lucy- while I was visiting family the last 5 days- fevers went through all my kids- ick! Hopefully we are all better now!

I love the bedroom! I had to laugh, that is the exact some bedroom set we have:) Only it looks MUCH nicer in your bedroom than it does in our tiny basement bedroom in our rental house:)


Jean said...

I love your bedroom! You did a great job!! Doesn't it feel good!! Great lighting, great colors- calm and peaceful.

I am behind on visiting blogs so I know little Lucy is already feeling better- that is good news!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Nice job on the pillows & I love the wall color.

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