Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sewin' Man (and I do mean man)

Busy, busy day yesterday....and another one today (and tomorrow).

I got my sewing machine back last Friday so Nick and I hit the quilt head-on yesterday. We both laughed so much at how funny it was that he (of all guys) was sitting all day sewing away. He assured me that his only motivation for doing so was that he wanted to get his quilt done quickly (apparently he doesn't have much faith in me....he knows me all too well).

I must say...this is yet another homeschool benefit. Although I did make him do his English lesson for the day, we ended our noses-in-books at that point. Honestly, there is no book, no teacher, no tutor that can teach the kinds of lessons (and bonding) that the two of us shared yesterday. We had a blast!

We took a break late in the day to run to WM. On our way, one of his buddies called to see if he could play golf. He begged me to go saying he really needed some balance in his day! :) Being the good mom that I am, I turned the van around and started heading the opposite direction to get them there. He met up with his friend and Brenden and played a quick 9 holes. But after he returned home had dinner....he wanted back behind that sewing machine again!! Too funny.

Today he has a golf tournament, so no school. But my day is filled....little projects, maybe an errand or two and my mom and sister are coming to get their hair done. Good times.

Heaven forbid Lucy should be left out of a post....or not photographed if the camera is out. She insisted that I take her picture while she was drinking her juice...so here you go.


Brittne said...

That is too funny! I really want to get a sewing machine so I can make a quilt too!! My grandma gave me an old quilt of hers and I LOVE IT!

Nancy said...

There's something very macho about a man that can sew and cook. Does he cook? What a great day the two of you had.

Mandi said...

I think it is really great that you are teaching him some of life's everyday tasks, and that he is actually enjoying it.

Love the pictures of Lucy and her juice.

trina said...

I LOVE it that Nick is sewing!! I'm still collecting. Do you have all your pieces?

Chris said...

Good job Nick! Now you can hem your pants if you need to! The fun part of that quilt is putting it in the dryer to make it fuzzy. don't forget to clean the lint trap.

Tony and Rett said...

Fun post! I think he looks oh so manly sitting at the machine. Yeah, it's a machine. That should count for something!

And Lucy is cute, like always!

Jean said...

I love it!! So Many benefits to homeschooling and so much fun at the same time!! Nick is great!! I love the "Mom- you want balance in my life, right"? OHHHH Yeahhh! I'd turn my car around, too! Especially for brothers golfing together!

Anonymous said...

I recently noted the dangers of sewing. Be careful N! Guess my daughter just has a gift. LOL.

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