Sunday, April 12, 2009


Actually, I prefer the term Resurrection Sunday. Without the resurrection, Jesus would be just another martyr. But no...not just a prophet, good teacher, or lunatic dying for what he believed in. No way, no how. Jesus coming to this earth and dying on the cross fulfilled HUNDREDS of prophesies given HUNDREDS of years prior. It is statistically staggering. (Read The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel) So for this reason we have never made a big deal with the Easter bunny stuff. Don't get me wrong....we do have a little fun with hiding eggs and too much candy. But our boys have never woke up on Easter morning rushing to the living room to see what the bunny left them. Today is all about our RISEN SAVIOR. And we will continue to do so even with our little princess.

I was at WM the other day getting a basket and a few things for said princess. It truly is hard not to want to buy her everything and the moon (oh she would be so tickled if I gave her the moon). But as Nick and I rolled our shopping cart down the Easter aisle, I was almost brought to tears. Even Nick commented on what this special day has turned into. It was a feeding frenzy of junky trinkets....and absolutely nothing that would indicate the Savior of the world. I grabbed a basket, grass and plastic eggs and said, that's enough. I didn't want any part of it. (I also ended up buying a Barney video)

So last night as I was hiding some eggs after Lucy went to bed I said, "Well, Lucy is going to be hunting EMPTY eggs (actually, that's very symbolic...I should have left them that way)." Then Nick reminded me of the bags of candy I had stashed away. Great idea! Yep, bags of candy that I bought super cheap on sale after Halloween. Nice.

Then I put the grass, video, and chocolate bunny that she had already found and played with (yes, played with) in her basket. It looked sadly empty so I grabbed a little stuffed duck that my mom had given her. Ha. I'm so creative.

Lucy loved the video....was mildly amused by the bunny she had already seen the day before, and there was no fooling her about the stuffed duck. She even asked if the entire basket had come from Ninny. **Ninny obviously buys a lot for Miss Lucy.

Then it was off to church!!

Saturday night we went to my parents' house. Lucy was loaded down with goodies and loved every second of it!!

Ninny and Lucy discovering the joy of a candy-filled egg

Wow! Lots of eggs (with candy)!

What's this? I collect a lot of eggs each day...but never have I found money in any of them!!

Sunday afternoon was spent at K-man's parents house.
Lucy loaded up on chips and dip. So did Mama.

Brenden is one of Lucy's go-to guys for a good time!

I love you Brenden!!!

Me with my adorable great nephew (gulp, yes...I'm a great aunt!)

YAY!! We're back home again!!


Patty said...

Looks like a fun day! Funny, my kids found a dollar in their eggs too.......(from their gma)......Riley said "what? I never saw money in here before!" Too cute. Happy Easter friend!!

Jaime said...

glad to see i'm not the only one who doesn't get all "comercially easter". it really is disheartening. (oh... and that is a great picture of you - the one where you're holding your great-nephew)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Hey Marissa and Bryson hunted for empty eggs that is the fun kind of mom I have turned out to be, but never thought about how symbolic it really was until your post!!!

Brittne said...

I was totally bothered by how commercialized Easter has become too. The other day at Walmart I saw a mother with her screaming child, and the child was screaming because he wanted a certain kind of Easter basket.

Sigh. All you can do is say a prayer for them and hope that one day they get it!

I loved Lucy's Easter dress by the way! So cute!

Nancy said...

Sounds like a great day. I was also able to rejoice in my new granddaughter Emersyn who was born last Wednesday. Kayli loves her baby sister Emmy. Have a great week.

Jean said...

I agree about Easter being too commercialized and too much candy. It is out of control- we are not participating in that either. Well, I did get some candy but there was no talk of a bunny.

Lucy's hair is getting so long! It is adorable! Sarah is excited to meet her! Anna doesn't quite get it yet- but we'll keep talking to her about Lucy!


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