Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lucy's Pink Kitchen

Wowie. For a day that I didn't get much more accomplished than rotating the laundry, I sure am beat! Why is it that some days I feel so charged up and motivated to take on the world....then there are days (more than I care to admit) that I just drag!!!

I'm trying to rejuvenate my old workout routine in order to to get some energy flowing again. Plus ummm, I'm startin' to pack on the pounds! All my life I've been a skinny stick of a 4th grade the other kids called me Olive Oil (perhaps it also had something to do with the fact that I wore a bun in my hair everyday! Not sure what that phase was all about). I remember people used to say..."someday it will catch up with you!" Well,'s here. I'm caught.

Anyway, as I'm still trying to get Lucy & Shu Li's room figured out and organized, I decided to move Lucy's little kitchen that I made her for Christmas into the living room. I could kick myself because when I was trying to figure out how I would paint it, I went back and forth between painting it pink...or the colors of my living room. I decided on pinks because I figured it would be best to keep in her room. Wrong choice. Now the bright pink thing is in my nuetral-toned living room sticking out like a sore thumb. It really bugs me. Really.

BUT, Lucy loves it and plays with it all the time so I guess I shouldn't complain...she will tell me often that she is cooking dinner.

"What's for dinner Lucy?"

"Pizza, toast, noodles, eggs, rice, and tacos."

GREAT! I can't wait. Anything that I don't have to cook, I'm hungry for.

Lucy organizing her kitchen...without pants on. By the end of the day, clothing is optional and I just don't ask any questions. Thankfully, Lucy is the only one who feels free enough to take advantage of this.

We started the day with just pig-tails...then we visited Ninny and Lucy got a new headband, which she insisted on wearing all day. By this point it was more of a forehead band and Lucy didn't notice or care.


Debby said...

If it bugs you...I'd keep it in the bedtroom until you absolutely HAD to move it.....

Love the headband...we have a couple at our house very similar looking!!!

Sort of glad Lucy is the only one taking advantage of clothing optional.....

Mandi said...

I love what you did with the kitchen, it is so cute. Although I do have to admit, that having the PINK kitchen in my neutral living room would drive me crazy as well. I am a bit ocd about things like that.

What is it with kids and headbands becoming forehead bands???


Angela said...

Oh she is adorable and I love the kitchen. My daughter usually has a "forehead band" too. LOL

Jaime said...

i love diaper days. at least she kept her shirt on.

Nancy said...

That little girl is adorable no matter where her headband hits.

Lynsay said...

So Cute! I love the kitchen, even if it clashes!

Love the lack of pants. For awhile the girls were walking in the door, taking their shoes off, and immediately losing their pants. I would come out and there would be shoes AND pants all piled by the door!

Love and hugs!

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