Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break: Day Numero Uno...gone

My first day of Spring Break didn't go as planned. What I planned, was apparently unrealistic at best because I didn't even come close to achieving my high goals of painting, cleaning, laundering, painting some more, cleaning some more...blah, blah, blah. Truthfully, there's not enough coffee in Costa Rica to fuel that kind of gumption.

So today I will lower the bar....really low. Then, I will hopefully exceed my expectations, leaving me feeling like the super-woman I yearn to be.

I still need to choose my paint color. Soon. I have it narrowed down to Riverbed's Edge (doesn't that sound so soothing & romantic?) and LaFonda Sagebrush, which I'm leaning toward if for no other reason than Jaime's comment yesterday (go take a lookyloo...remember, her husband is deployed. I think it's time he come home).

I also need to get fabric to redo my throw pillows on our bed....I'm so stinkin' picky I can't find anything I like. Plus I want it to be high quality, dirt cheap. I also need a picture to go above our bed. The same criteria would apply.

Okie dokie...I just finished my morning cup of mercy and I'm ready to face the day. I made K-man one of my famous omelets and I'm eager to scoot him out the door...then it's a little quiet time while sipping a steaming cup of green tea. After that, I'll bring out the big guns (paint brushes) and get my tedious trim finished up. Hopefully.

Spring Break Day Duex well underway.


Debby said...

Good luck on day #2....


Jaime said...

yup... he really does need to come home. i'm going a little crazy. some dreams, some thoughts, i here people say names of anatomy when they are talking but they aren't saying those names. it's bad.

hope you're day is productive!

Holly said...

Okay, I just read jaime's comment, and it is PRETTY FUNNY!

I love a day when I can get a lot done. But where are your kiddos when you are being so productive? Especially how do you keep Miss Lucy entertained?

Nancy said...

I was wondering, too, where Lucy is when you are painting. Get those two handsome hunk sons to help.

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