Monday, March 16, 2009

LaFonda Sagebrush

Woo hoo! It's Spring Break and I'm just giddy about it! No, I'm no in an exotic location soaking up rays....or hittin' the slopes in a quaint Colorado village. I'm just sitting in my kitchen, happy-happy that my kiddos are home and that I have no school-related responsibilities! I've got a mega-long list of honey-do's (in this case, I'm the honey since K-man's work responsibilities do continue as usual).

Our date Saturday night was fabulous! We went to a Thai was OK, but after a high-dollar dinner like that I always regret not going to my favorite Mexican joint to fill up on chips, salsa and a gigantic burrito, ya know?

Then we went to look at paint colors for our bedroom. I can't think of anything more romantic than being at H*me Depot with my man! I'm serious. Oh and the evening was made extra special because we went to L*wes too. Back off girls, he's all mine.

But as wonderful as it is being in a mega-hardware store with my main squeeze, picking out paint is painful for me....I like so much, and I hate so much. But I've got it narrowed down to a couple of great shades, one being, "LaFonda Sagebrush".....isn't that hilarious! One of my all-time favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite so I am having a hard time resisting this color, just for the name alone. I'll let you know what I decide.

Ok, I gotta go get busy & pick up where I left off on Saturday painting our woodwork. Today I will only have one little helper (Lucy), unlike when I had K-man laying on the bed watching TV AND watching me paint. He even made a comment about how sexy I looked painting. Flattery will get you nowhere big guy (ok, well maybe it will).


Nancy said...

Nowhere, Lori!!!! Not know where. lol Hey you missed Menards!!!

Lori said...

AAAAHHH!! Wow Nancy, I KNOW better than that! Thanks for the correction! :)

And we don't have a Menards in our area!

Jaime said...

i thoroughly love going to home depot and owes (or any home improvement store) with my man and planning out our dream decor. mucho fun.
and the paint color name i scracking me up. i don't know much about napolean dynomite (fell asleep everytime i tried to watch it) but i think the name sounds like a porn star. so, i really think you should choose that paint color.

Holly said...

Oh yeah. You are not kidding. Picking out paint colors together is totally romantic. Furniture does it for me too! :)

Nicole A. said...

Really!? My hubby and I celebrated our 20-year dating anniversary this past Saturday. (My Mom was in town and watched all three kids -- woohoo!).

We went to a local Mexican restaurant owned by some friends and did fill up on chips, salsa, great food, good live music, and a terrific Margarita!

Then we went to -- yep, you guessed it! -- Lowe's! We walked leisurely hand-in-hand, looking at new counters and faucets for our master bath, which we are in the process of bringing into the 21st century, and we even looked at grass seed for the lawn the dogs have trampled and closet organizers for the boys' room! And, yes, it was fantastic: just the two of us, leisurely strolling through the store!

Really, it was the perfect date! And yes, we do get out together alone very, very rarely!

All the best!
Nicole A. in OH

Leah said...

I know exactly what you're saying. There is just something about home improvement stores. I love our home and planning improvements or changes to it makes me feel good. I am seriously hoping this does not mean we are getting old. lol

Lacy said...

My husband and I ALWAYS end up at Lowes on our date nights. We usually hit Gymboree first though. A date night for us is not complete with out shopping for the kids and tile or power tools. But, when he take me target hopping I love him just little more than I thought I could!

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