Monday, March 9, 2009

My Grammar Lesson (for what it's worth)

Way back in the early 90's when I was in beauty school there was another student there who would constantly correct the other students on their grammar. He definitely had his work cut out for him in that place, as you might imagine. He was a super nice guy (and straight as an arrow, btw) and always did his little corrections in a kind way but it still annoyed everyone....except me! I happened to care about how I sounded and wanted to speak correctly.

One of the things he always caught me on was, "I'm done." To which he would say, "No are not done. A cake is done. You are finished." Aahh yes. That rule has stuck with me but I still flub it up once in a while.

Also, having homeschooled my boys a few years, emphasizing grammar was important. I have learned more than they have. Perhaps they will homeschool their own children someday and learn it for themselves (and actually enjoy it).

I definitely know that my own use of ........ is a bit much (is that correct at any time?? Idk, but I insist on using ......... because it adds emphasis). I like to think that my use of commas is correct but I know I goof up on that too. Oh, and to and too. That REALLY bugs me...I DO know how to use those words. I need to go to the store. I go to the store too much. Got it.

Another thing that bugs me is the use of I versus me. Kelly and I are going to the store. Do you want to go to the store with Kelly and me?

Lay and lie?? I seriously fail with those words so I simply avoid them. I can never remember the rule, though Brenden has told me several times.

Then there are apostrophes. AAAHHH! This bugs me big time!! A Presidents' Day Sale. Not, President's Day Sale. We are honoring several presidents not just one. We are the Smiths. Not, we are the Smith's. Got it? (No, my last name isn't Smith)

Then there's there, their and they're. Just learn it, k?

Ok, I will stop there because I have made myself look like a complete grammar snob. Truth is, I'm still learning what I should have learned (or paid attention to) years ago. And I am really paranoid now since I know of at least 5 (oops, five) or so teachers who read my blog. AND I often go back and re-read my posts and constantly find mistakes. But what really bugs me is when I read other bloggers who NEVER seem to make grammar or spelling errors! Ok, it doesn't bug makes me jealous! :) The biggest culprit? Stefanie at Ni Hao Ya'll. She is an amazing writer. I drool over her ability to perfectly put a sentence together.

Ok, now I'm getting weird. Here's my assignment for all of you: feel free to correct my grammar and spelling at anytime. Really! But I promise, I won't correct yours...that would be rude.

Have a wonderful day!

*Disclaimer: I am fully aware that there are likely grammar errors within this grammar lesson post. See if you can find one or two.


Tony and Rett said...

Ohhhh, I'm a there, their, and they're nut too!

But, one of my pet peeves is when someone says "acrossed" or "acrosst" instead of "across"! Grrrr! THERE IS NO T or ED on the end!

There, I vented. And feel free to edit my posts all you want!

Nicole A. said...

:-) I am an editor by trade and definitely quite a bit too particular with grammar. The "Smiths" vs "Smith's" thing is one of my greatest pet peeves! Our neighbors have a cute little sign at their front door that says "The Smith's". Please do not turn me in when it is missing one of these days. :-)

All the best!
Nicole A. in OH
(grammar snob and not ashamed of it!
... though I do still mess up who/whom too often!)

jan said...

still on my first cup of coffee but i wondered (i think this is a question....more than a comment!)

should 'and then there's apostrophes'. should it have been
'there are' since it is more than one?

some grammar mistakes JUMP out at me and others i'm still working on, as you said.

and obviously, my B-I-G mistake is rarely using capitals except for GOD things....someone once told me, it is a lack of confidence. personally, i think it is more of a style sometimes i am too confident and don't rely on the only TRUE confident ONE. you know who that is....!

thanks for the lesson....i'll have my boys read for school today too :)

xoxoxoxo, jan

Jean said...

Oh my- I am the worst at grammar. I would have fit right in at beauty school. I may have had to choke the nice guy that was correcting everyone!

I was actually going to post on this- too. I am not the grammar snob- I am the perpetrator. My big sis is an english teacher- I drive her crazy with my use of good vs well.

When I was in elementary school grammar was not taught- they didn't think it was important. WRONG! we would have about one week of it each year. Thank goodness they have changed their minds about that now!

I like to think of my mistakes as "typos". I better quit typing- I am getting nervous- you will find too many mistakes!!

Nancy said...

What really bugs me is A LOT. It has always been two words, and it will always be two words. Thanks a lot for letting me vent.
English Teacher

one more...(see I use these too much as well...also !!!!) would HAVE, should HAVE not "of."

jan said...

what about this one? 'verses' should have been 'versus' since you weren't talking scripture :)

this is from ben (my seventh grader). i missed it, of course...

xoxoxo :)

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

lol, my friends get so upset at me because I correct their grammar and spelling all the time! My brother got a book on all of the grammar rules and things like that. I plan to read it soon.

Debby said...

Love this post. My boss always hated when people used "done" instead of finished, and he would always correct it.

I remember sitting in my office & hearing unsuspecting individuals announce they were done with something...and from whatever corner he was in...he would yell...Are you a turkey????

You are right about Stefanie woman is not human....=)

Jill said...

I used to hate grammar. I didn't understand or remember all the rules. But since I've started blogging, I totally notice my own (and others of course) spelling and grammar mistakes. Commas, capitals, really long paragraphs etc... I have come to a place where I will erase or edit my blog or comment in order to fix a mistake. Sadly, I'm becoming quite snobby.

But I do have a question. To is used when going somewhere or doing something to someone or something? And too is use for also and a lot? Is that right?

JR said...

I am so with you on the I versus me thing. It makes me crazy that those two words are used incorrectly so often! Thanks for allowing me to join in on the grammar/spelling venting! I feel so much better!

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