Monday, March 9, 2009

Grammar Feedback....

Read the post below to understand what this one is all about! And I will update this as more comments come in. :) Look, we're learning!

Ok, this is good...I love the feedback here.

Here is a link to the rules on effect vs. affect. These words always leave me in question...I'm sure I don't use them correctly. I'll try to do better....or just avoid using them.

Well rats! In my very first sentence of my "grammar lesson" post, I just realized I misused an apostrophe. It should read, 90s not 90's according to this site.

Chris...."the cake is all" ???? What's that about? I've never heard that. :)

Anonymous.....AIN'T is truly a classic pet peeve of mine. And I'm sure your son is saying it at this point just to annoy you! My boys used to drive me crazy saying it then I finally quit correcting them and eventually they stopped. Ai not, I love it!

Jill, yes you're right on the to or too rule. I think you explained it perfectly (as far as I know!).

Jan, I'm not sure about my use of there's. So I changed it to there are. :) My rule of thumb is, if I'm not sure I just change it to what I am certain is correct. Oh and I kinda like your lack of use of caps! I think it's cool. :) And I'm so busted on the verses! Good catch, Ben! Yes, it should be versus. UGH. My bad.

Nicole, I AM SO WITH YOU ON THE SIGN THING!!! I see that all the time and I just jump out of my skin.

Jean...ha! Your comment seems flawless to me! And I think you are right...they're not so much grammar errors but typos. I like that. And good vs. well....I'm sure I mess that up as well. :)

Sarah...yes, I noticed one time (while looking over B's shoulder) that you corrected him on the use of patience vs. patients! Good for you. Stay on him. I'm paying way too much tuition for him not to use the skills he's learning.

Nancy....YES, please...people!!!! A LOT is TWO WORDS!!!!! NOT one!!!! Thanks a lot Nancy, I forgot about that one.

Keep it comin' folks...


Anonymous said...

There, they're & their is my biggest pet peeve too! Unfortunately, I also live in the land of "ain't". It drives me insane to hear this. Especially coming from my own son. I am constantly correcting him. I told him I didn't care what the dictionary now says, "ai not" is not a word! To make matter worse, he came downstairs the other day with "I ain't got no batteries for my remote." I'm beginning to think he does it to drive me crazy!!

Nancy said...

One other thing...(there I go again) I'm done instead of I'm finished is ok since it is an idiom. I also hate when signs say CongraDulations Graduates!!! It should be CongraTulations.

This is fun!!!

Debby said...

I'm with Nancy on seeing Congratulations spelled wrong.

Another Pet Peeve...what is with Chick Fil A? Here is a great example of a company that goes to the NTH degree to promote education & they have those cows painting the Eat more chiken signs & whatever else with all sorts of mis spellings. I know....the cows are not supposed to be smart, but it just punches a huge hole in their philosophy. I HATE it!!!

Chris said...

We live in an area that specializes in "The cake is all" It took me a long time to remember to correct that, now my kids look at their cousins with questions when THEY use the phrase.
Keep up the reminders

Anonymous said...

Can anyone give the rules for affect & effect? I've been known to change a sentence to avoid using them.

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Haha, I'm up for grammar tutoring anytime, though we probably won't get much work done. Well, probably get off talking about something completely random. ;)

Jo said...

Affect vs. effect...I learned to remember that affect is a verb, effect is a noun. However, I've also learned since getting married (and becoming my husband's editor) that the verb/noun distinction isn't helpful for everybody! ("Just tell me which one it is," he says.) My dad uses this tip--affect, with an a, is an action (also with an a; get it?). Spelling and grammatical errors are huge annoyances in my book. Needless to say, my 8-year-old (to be followed by her younger siblings) is getting a heavy dose of grammar in our homeschool work!

Jean said...

Oh my, oh my! Such pressure... I am so paralyzed with fear that I may make a mistake...I will never be able to blog again... NOT... who the heck cares...

In my era, not that I am old or anything they didn't bother teaching grammar. It's kind of sad but seriously they did not think it was important. Hey, I ain't gonna argue with nobody over this.

Oh, now we are having fun! I bet that will drive your readers crazy!

Seriously- I am homeschooling and this area is a huge weakness for me. I understand it BUT cannot explain it. What on earth were they thinking in the mid to late 60's and early 70's! I think this is connected with my inability to remember scripture.

I can't even sign my name with this comment. ;-)

Sherry said...

Okay I admit, I am the worst speller & typer there is!! But your post had me really proof reading my post I made today! Thanks for this reminder that we all need some lessons!!

Now, if I could only figure out why my paragraphs will not seperate in the posts on my blog I'd be happy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jo! That little hint, "affect" & "action" is just what I've been waiting for! I don't have time to research it every time I type an e-mail. (I remember using the thoughts of a cat tearing up a room to remember "catalyst" in nursing classes!)
I agree that we should all relax & stop being paranoid about our posting.

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