Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lemons and T-Shirts

Two posts in one day?? I'm on quite a roll of neglecting my housework now. I just uploaded my latest pics onto my computer and simply had to share a few.

First is Lucy (of course). She learned about the fruits of the Spirit in church on Sunday and to demonstrate, they showed the kiddos a variety of fresh fruits. At the end of class they each got to choose a fruit. What did Miss Lu Jo pick? A lemon of course! And then she insisted on eating it....sort of....well, just see for yourself.......

Next is my newest and most favorite T-shirt that I bought to help raise money for adoptions!! Isn't it great? Go HERE to order one for yourself!!

I am deeply sorry folks for the cheesy smile...what in the world makes me think that the camera and I are such good friends???

1 comment:

Suzette said...

The pictures are priceless. I love the expressions on her sweet face. It makes my lips pucker just looking at her!

Nice t-shirt, also.

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