Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog Hacker

Well if I had only known that moving Lucy's little bed into her room would entice her to sleep there, duh.....we would have done it months ago!!! What's wrong with our brains that that never occurred to us?? Don't answer that. But I'm happy to say the honeymoon continues....Lucy had another very successful night last night!!

Little Miss Independent making her own peanut butter sandwich!

I started a journal on Journey to Me for Shu Li. I know I could just give you all the info here (and I likely will anyway) but I just love the simple format of JTM and it allows lots of people to find encouraging adoption stories without knowing individual blog sites. So you might want to check it out just for fun.

If you happened to be on my blog Saturday night, you might have been a bit confused by what was going on....lots of changes, perhaps even a blank screen...I just don't quite know. But what I do know is that I asked Brenden a simple question about something I wanted him to do on my blog and he took over and left me sweating profusely that everything would be completely gone by the time I got my computer back. He found it amusing and challenging to try to change my background to a huge picture of Sh*wn Johnson (you know, the cute little Olympic gymnist). B and his friends are a little too enamored by her, even paid big bucks to go see her. He is actually planning a D*ncing with the Stars party because she will be on this season.

Here is the hacker at work....keep him away from your blog!
Anyway, thankfully he didn't mess up a thing on my precious blog and I will likely never let him at it again. But just so you know, if you ever see anything out of character for me on here....Brenden has taken over. Alert me immidiately. :) Actually, I'm hoping he can help me with something I'm wanting to change....we shall see.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Lucy's JTM? Do those things have to be renewed or something?

Nancy said...

Found your JTM blog yesterday and was going to email you to tell you I was thrilled. Guess I don't have to. How about some pix of your latest China doll.

Janet and Kevin said...

We are a reader of Linn and DW's blog and have become a reader of your blog too! We, like you, just returned from China within the last year (July to be exact) with our precious little son. We, like you, have heard the call from God to go back. We start our home study tomorrow!

We are so happy for you to be receiving another child! God is good! We will pray for a smooth and fast adoption.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, and Philip

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