Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Insomnia, Fancy Scarf, and DQ

For YEARS before we adopted Lucy I suffered from insomnia. It was really horrible....and as we were in the process of adopting (and not sleeping) I would spend my sleepless nights praying a lot since I knew the CCA* was up and working during that time. My friend Angela would tell me that God was preparing me and I see now that she was right. However, God has so graciously changed everything about my sleep patterns. Turns out that having a toddler is equal to a sleeping pill and a shot of cough syrup. And sometimes it takes a shovel to wake me up. Thank you Jesus!!

BUT, for whatever reason (ok, time to pray? Yep, I did that for sure) I woke up at 2 AM wide awake. I spent time in prayer for my friend Patty's dossier that is sitting on someone's desk, I prayed for Bill & Lynsay who are in desperate need of a vehicle as they won't be able to care for any more children without transportation, and I prayed for my friend Paula who is in Ch*na right now getting their ADORABLE son!! Then I got up and worked on my Bible study homework.

Then Lucy woke up....about 4 different times, each time as I was dozing off. Poor little girly, she was having bad dreams I guess. She just needed a little lovin' then went back to sleep.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I told you all that except that I needed everyone to feel sorry for me since I only had about 3 hours of sleep! :) Boo Hoo.

My sister Robin made this adorable scarf for Lucy that she just loves!

Lucy sporting her new scarf....and a scrunchy face!

Oh, I almost forgot! Brenden got his job at DQ!!! I'm so happy/sad!!

Well, I knew it was only a matter of time...after all, with my statuesque physique (a frumpy 5'4") and delicate features (proudly have my daddy's nose), silky smooth hair (think Ringling Bros.) and youthfulness (40 and lovin' it)....I'VE BEEN DISCOVERED!! (ok, that's a bit of a stretch...but humor me, k?) That's right, my modeling career is about to launch. Click HERE to see for yourself (then scroll down...and down some more)! And for cryin' out loud...buy somthin' while you're there why don't ya!!


Brittne said...

Way to go Brenden!! Next time I'm back I'll be sure to go by and get my blizzard fix from him!!

JR said...

Way to go with the modeling career, Lori!! Will you be auditioning for America's Next Top Model any time soon??!! (LOL)

Chris said...

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH--cure insomnia, adopt a 2 y.o.!
Only thing is they grow up to be teens and my teen keeps me up too! Not in a bad way, but mom's imagination is very active at 10:45 pm. so plenty of prayer time.
BTW love the shirts

Jean said...

Ahhhhh- that is so cute!! What a natural you are- modeling is your calling!!! I ordered my t-shirts!!

I had insomnia too- but no more! Adoption cures that!!


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