Thursday, March 26, 2009

DTC, Baby!!!!!

For those of you who don't speak Chinaadoptionese, that means Dossier To Ch*na....or even more simply put, our dossier was mailed yesterday!!

It has been my prayer from the get-go that we would travel in June. Well, with the steps left to go in our process, that target time frame is ummm, almost out of the realm of reality. But, you know what? I serve a God who is in control and if HE wants us to travel in June, well by golly, He can make it happen!! But no matter what, I trust HIS matter when we end up going. Since He sees the big picture, yep...He knows best and I trust Him. And He wants the best for us and for Shu Li. He won't let us down. Nope.

I've also been praying that Shu Li has received her care package we sent. Unfortunately, sometimes these kiddos aren't give what is sent to them (Lucy didn't get the things we sent until the day we got her). I want her to at least get our photo album and letter. And I've been praying that I would somehow receive confirmation that she received it. And I also want to send her more things but it seems pointless if she may not be getting them.

Last night K-man was trapped in the Lucy web (aka, she had him in her bedroom playing). I went in to check on them and she quickly showed me a large card that had the alphabet on it. She pointed to each letter, and in order, recited the alphabet and got each letter correct (even telling me some words that each letter made...M for Mama, B for B-den Brenden). After showing off her brilliance she quickly told me to leave. Well now. She didn't like me interrupting her fun time with Daddy. Ok, no problem Little Miss. Later I heard K-man say, "Hey Lucy, I know. Let's go see what Mama is doing!"

But while I was in her room with them, I was looking around....boy oh boy, the girl just loves to have ALL of her toys strung out everywhere. And I'm just wondering how in the world she won't drive Shu Li crazy with her messiness. And Lucy will no doubt want to get into Shu Li's things as well. I was thinking maybe getting a nice chest of some sort for SL to put her things in that locks, keeping Miss Nosey Nelly out.

What do you think? Do any of you have a little one who shares a room with an older child? How do you keep harmony??


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori. Don't you "know" a guy who works in or with the orphanage SL is in? Can he tell you if she got her package?

Love the scarf - you've got yourself quite the girly girl there. :)

Mandi said...


Our two sons share a room (12 and 4) and let me tell you, it is not fun. We are hoping to add on next year, but in the meantime, we have managed. Being that our older son is 12, we have actually had to get a key lock for his closet to keep the little one out. We know where the key is so are able to get in whenever we need to, but the little guy does not. For us, this has been the only thing that has worked. If something is left out and the younger one gets into it, it is the older one's fault for leaving it out.

We are also fortunate to have a play room, so the only time the little one is in their room is when he is going to bed.

Don't know if this helps, but for now, it works for us.

BTW, congrats on the DTC. Do you mind me asking how long it took you to get DTC??


Hezra said...

Hah! I have 3 boys(12,9 and 5) sharing a giant family room, then our two little girls(7 and 3) sharing a room, then our new girls (12 and 7) will share a room. Some ideas we have used successfully: get tall plastic skinny drawers from Lowe's. We have two of those with a name on for everyone(even mom and dad. They are in a spot close to the entry but not easily seen from the front door. That is where each peresons special little stuff goes.(dads and mine are wallet/keys/change. . . etc) Kids are NOT allowed to get into anyone elses "box". Serious offense with high consequences! They keep wallets and money and whatever else THEY want. Then in their rooms, the boys have very clear boundaries and no one in allowed in the others space without permission. The big guys have toy shelves/drawers and trunks each the little one has a gigantic toy shelf with red plastic dishpans for bins. (all labeled) The girls. . . well, they have better verbal agreements and have shared a room for a couple of years now. The older has barbies and the little can't play with themwithout permission. Then they each have shelf space seperately. My new girls room is under construction right now. lol NOt sure but we we wll probably use more of the same types of ideas. Each one a smal dresser, maybe trunks at the foot of their beds. And of course a "box" for each of them. Anyway, if you need more ideas email me. must. have.tea. still mourning my Dr Peppers. But one week down!

Chris and Sarah said...

Congrats on DTC!!! Does that mean there is a chance you and Linny could be in China the same time? How much fun would that be for you guys in Guangzhou having Starbucks together?

Jean said...

It was the other way around for us-once S got home- she wanted A's things. Our A is oblivious to stuff- she just wants her blankie and whatever is in S's hand at the moment!

Definitely have a couple safe spots for SL to put her things! The kids love to stash and keep things safe from others!

Hey congrats on the DTC!!

Nicole A. said...

Yay! Congrats on DTC! Awesome!

I bet the girls will be fine sharing a room, and they will have to set their own boundaries. But it is a good idea to have a plan in place before Shu Li gets home, too.

My 2 boys share a room (they are closer in age, only 2.5 years apart), but they do have two separate areas each in the bedroom for their own "stuff". We also have a playroon for most of their toys and shared stuff, and that works very well, too.

All the best!
Nicole A. in OH

Nancy said...

From what I've read about Lucy, you would need an extra thick padlock on the chest to keep Lucy out of it.

Rachel said...

DTC congrats from our family!! I was praying for Shu Li this morning - that God would already be preparing her heart to meet her new family!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Wow, congratulations on DTC!!!! I am so excited for you!! Wouldn't that be something if you and Linn did travel at the same time or at least a portion of it?!?! We have an amazing God you know!

Stefanie said...

Giving you a big ol' WOOT WOOT!! Great news on being DTC!!
And you KNOW He can do ANYTHING!! We have hit some unexpected bumps in our paperchase... we are reminding ourselves daily that we can completely TRUST His timing!

Karen said...

Congratulations on being DTC!!!!!! What a wonderful feeling that is. Praying for a quick LID and all those other letters:-)

My two daughters (just turned 4 and 9yrs) share their room. The younger one is supposed to ask permission to play with her sister's things. My older dd is wonderful about sharing with her sister. I would recommend having something special that Shu Li can put her "treasures" in that Lucy can't get to.

Praying you still travel in June. Mountains can move!!! I agree with Sally, it would be great for you and Linn to travel at the same time.

A said...

Hi...I don't know you, but somehow I found your blog on someone's blog list...and realized our blogs were based on the same verse in the Bible! Pretty cool! Many congratulations on your dossier being sent!

mncfi said...

Hi Lori - my boys (5 and 9) share a room, and it works fine. My girls (4 and 11) don't. We had an extra room, so since they are so far apart in age we put them in different rooms.
HOWEVER - Tilly sleeps almost every night on a blow up matress in Zhi Xia's room! It's not that they need to - ZX sleeps fine in her little room close to her brothers. They just like it that way. I think our next furniture purchase will hvae to be a trundle bed - so at least big sister Tilly will be more comfortable.
My girls just love snuggling down together for sister time - I am guessing yours will too.
Love Fi

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