Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Guaranteed New Outfit

Because my blogging addiction seems to be unbeatable, here I am. Despite all that is weighing on my mind that I must get done today. But this has got to be quick!! I am standing at my kitchen counter looking at a very messy kitchen & family room. I need to light a fire under my bee-hind & get busy. Plus I have this obsession to get our dossier done in record time...I was even typing our letter to The People's Republic of Ch*na as I was making omelets this morning. I am not kidding...I had my laptop right by me, typing in between adding ingredients. I got the letter finished by my last bite and the omelet was soooo delicious (not to brag, brag, I make the most awesome omelets & they are beautiful!! If this stay-at-home mom thing doesn't work out I'm going to find a nice cruise ship to work on).

Last night the boys had church so K, Lucy & I went out to eat. Well, en route Lucy seemed unusually quiet (she's only quiet when she's asleep & sometimes not even then). Kelly looked back at her just in time to see her losing her fish sticks all over herself. I turned around to help her & more & more spewed out. Oh my stars. Ok, this has happened a total of 4 times now. I think we can safely conclude that the girl gets car sick.

I jumped in the back to try to manage the mess & I quickly said, "we gotta go home." Immediately (only seconds after she just barfed), Lucy started to cry, "No! I want Chinese food! I want Chinese rice!!" K & I looked at each other...both starving & also sharing in Lu's desperate desire for our favorite cuisine, I made a quick plan in my head. Well, each time she's done this before she immediately feels better & acts completely fine, so we will continue heading east. She obviously needs a new outfit so it was off to T*rget we went. (Note to self: when a new outfit is desired, immediately throw up on self). So that was our worked like a charm. We had delicious Chinese food & every one kept it down.

Bye for now.


Jaime said...

oh mylanta! lcy is going to learn the trick of "just throw up on yourself and get a new outfit" rather quickly! poor thing. poor you! expecially bad since it was fish sticks. yucky!

Debby said...

Poor baby.....I'm surprised you haven't learned the "keep extra outfits in the car" trick by now....=)

I keep a box in the back that has a light jacket for each (me included), a complete change of clothes for each girl & at least a shirt for me. I change it out every 6 months to adjust for growth & seasonal changes.

Try it.....easier on the wallet...than a trip to Target.....although we LOVE that store......=)

julie said...

Hi Lori! Oh, I hate to hear that little Lucy has motion sickness. Both my girls (and myself) suffer from it. Before they were old enough for medication, I bought those pressure point bracelets, and they seemed to really to help.
Carrying a coffee can with a lid can also come in handy! Take Care.

Jane said...

I know how you feel!! My 11 year old has gotten motion sick for years. It does not seem to matter how long the trip - it just comes out of the blue. It is miserable (as you know!) helpful thing I do keep a bunch of gallon size baggies in our car at all times. When she is done, we just zip it closed and pitch it. Now that she is older, she is much better at letting us know or she just can grab a bag herself.
Good Luck!

Jean said...

So that's what I need to do to get a new outfit! I can't see Jim rushing me to the store if I puke on myself. I just get an empty ice cream bucket and I am banished to bedroom. Lucy has a good deal- she is a smart kid!

Sounds like everybody else had some good ideas- you're gonna need to have a car sickness bag stashed in the van!
Glad to hear her tummy is all better!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Omg, something like that happened to me when I was little. In fact, the Scotts were there. I was sitting by the twins after Burger King and I threw up! On one of their arms in fact! So gross. Anyways, so after that, my mom took me to Target to get a new dress. Haha, I loved that new dress so much.
I don't think they'd do the same if I threw up now...

Nicole A. said...

Poor baby! But I bet she will pick up on the "throw up and then get a new outfit" thing pretty soon, too! Oh well, what can you do? Hopefully she will outgrow it. Have a great weekend!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

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