Friday, February 6, 2009

Comb-Over w/ Highlights

What a week this has been! Our immigration application was sent (as you know), and I just got word yesterday that we can send Shu Li a care package & letter!!!! We had originally been told that our dossier needed to be logged-in in Ch*na first but they felt it was a good idea to let her know that we are coming for her so she can get used to the idea!!! Honestly, this is an answer to prayer because I have really didn't want to wait so long...but I also wanted it to be the right timing. I just can't wait to go shopping for some girly things to send her!!!

I'm also working on a letter to her that our agency will translate for us. Hmmm. this is proving difficult because how do we introduce ourselves to someone we are already maddly in love with, have prayed & prayed for...yet she has no idea who WE are?? I don't want to overwhelm her or freak her out...I mean, look at the crazy Mom she's going to have soon!!! If any of you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Ok, Martha & might be disappointed that I opted not to include the picture of our horrible referee from Thursday night's game in my blog post today. In fact, I have re-written this section of my post because I am trying to maintain my integrity. But I will say that besides the unbelievably bad calls in the game....the guy had a horrible comb-over that I swear had highlights in (which caused me to imagine some poor hair dresser foil-weaving his "flap"). Now I know that sounds mean, but I feel that as a hair stylist it is my duty (& right) to notice & report on bad hair (or lack thereof). So my PSA for today is: If you (or your guy) is bald or going bald...super! You know what, bald guys are sexy too. Just don't...whatever you do...fool yourself into thinking that hiding your shiny scalp with a thin, long layer of hair will create the illusion that you have a lot of hair. I'm a professional. I know what I'm talking about.

During Thursday night's VERY INTENSE game...Nick took a pretty bad spill on the court. He landed on his back, knocking the wind out of him. Anyway, he's a manly man to the core & was able to return to the game after he gained his composure on the bench. After the game his coach (an oral surgeon) instructed us on taking care of him (I'm sure he's had lots of back aches to deal with lol!). Nick said on our way home (or I thought he said), "I also hit my head when I fell." Well, that went in ear & out the other with me at that moment. But at 2:30 AM I bolted awake & immediately remembered what he said. Oh my gosh...he hit his head. This is just the horrible thing you hear about in the news that turns out really bad in the morning. Seriously, I was in a panic. I got my robe on & went down to his bedroom, which was PITCH BLACK...I felt my way to his bed then started patting around with my hands until I found his face. I felt his forehead & cheeks....not sure what I was feeling for except that I wanted to know that he was still warm (you know, alive). Whew. Felt like a perfect 98.6 to me. I went back to bed & he never knew I was there.

The next day I asked him if he knew I had come in to check on he hadn't & rolled his eyes when I told him what I did. "Good grief Mom!" I said, "Nick, I was just worried about you since you said you hit your head!!" N, "MOM!!! I didn't say I hit my head...I said IT'S A GOOD THING I DIDN'T HIT MY HEAD!!!" Oops!


The Prairie Knitter said...

Oh Lori,

I am laughing so hard, I can barely type. I don't know if anyone who wasn't there can even get a sense of the humor in your post.

I will admit, I was looking forward to the photo a tiny-winy bit, but good thinking forged ahead - good girl. We will have the memory of this guy in our memory bank for quite some time.

The visual of you up during the night, checking on Nick is priceless - hysterically funny!!!

As bad as the ref was, nothing compares to the one in Wichita last year. I hope that guy found a good anger management group to attend and perhaps he was moved away from referring.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for the big smile you gave me tonight.

Melly said...

LOL Such a mom thing!! Totally what I would do! Except upon seeing my son was asleep, I'm sure I would have woken up the entire house and called 911. Paying no mind to the fact that it was 2:30am or some totally reasonable time to be sleeping. ;)

Chris and Sarah said...

Amen on the comb-overs!!! It took us forever to get my dad to get rid of his.

I would have done the same thing to with my kids. Actually I do it a lot because Jaxson is always hitting his head and his eyes are so dark I can't tell if they are OK.

faithfullywaiting said...

Hi Lori! You don't know me but I have been following your journey to Lucy Joy and I also check your blog. I also follow the Saunders family blog. I finally decided to sign up so I could leave comments. I have wanted to do that for a long time but didn't for some strange reason. I love your family. They are just precious. I am waiting to bring home a little one from China myself and hope she is as cute as Miss Lucy. Maybe not as stubborn though! :) Anyway, just wanted to let you know who I was. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Haha Lori! That was funny. I can just picture you groping around in the dark patting Nick's face. lol! You guys are precious.

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