Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dancin' Class

Yesterday was Monday and that means it was time for Lucy's dance class, or as she would say, Yucy's dancin' cass. I'm a little perplexed by what's going on there...the bahavior she sports is not at all like her. Well, it's how she acted right when we brought her home 8 months ago but she has come out of her shell so much since then. She is somewhat shy around other people but quickly warms up and as long as I am with her, she seems very comfortable to be the happy-go-lucky chica that she is!

As I watched her again appear to be miserable during her class...I kept thinking, what in the world am I doing to this child?? This will be the last week that I put her through this. But then after class it's all she talks about!! And she tells everyone about it! She LOVES to look at the pictures I take of her there (well, she just loves looking at pictures of herself anywhere!). So, I just don't get it. But I guess as long as she isn't resisting me taking her there, I will just continue.

So once again, let's take a look at how it went down...

From the get-go, Lucy was resistant to participating...here she refuses the little bell to ring.

Making a choo-choo train out of your hands, running them along the train tracks (aka, legs) is a silly idea apparently, though doing it during a trip to WM is a fantastic one.

Why in the world would a little girl want to dance around with a stuffed animal? I will do that at home where mom isn't paying for me to do so.

"Are you kidding me? I'm not holding that girl's hand."
I will follow the crowd when I want to follow the crowd, thank you.

I'm only going along with this because I'm being carried. In my mind, I'm not doing what the others are doing!

"One of these days I'm going to bust-a-move...I'm just not ready yet".
What's this? It appears there is going to be some cooperation in participation here!!
Oops, I guess not.

Ok, I will twirl just a little as long as the teacher is nicely forcing me to.
Well, I guess this is KINDA fun.

"Oh, I just love sticker class!! Me first, me first!!"


Nancy said...

Loved your captions. So cute...especially since she isn't mine!!!

Carol said...

And all I can think is...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Hmmm, as I recall...



Holly said...

These dance class posts are always so hilarious! I don't why I find them so funny, but I laugh out loud every time. My hubby is over there saying, "What? What?" lol. I used to teach Kindermusik. They always taught us teachers that even if the kids aren't participating, or if they just walk around the room acting like they are getting nothing out of it, they still really are. Well, I believed it, and didn't mind at all when kids would not participate in my class. But then I had my toddler with me in another teacher's class, and he (my major music lover at home) would not do anything in the class! Then, I was seriously reconsidering this "they are still learning" stuff, and thinking about the $$ I was paying for this class! :) We did stick in there though, and he did do better. I would say hang in there!

Brittne said...

Aww she looks ADORABLE in her little tutu! One of these days she will break out of her shell and shock everyone with her dancing, she just needs to observe first!

Jaime said...

WOW!She is quite strong willed. She and Jax would either be best of friend are absolutely refuse to be nice to eah other.... those strong willed kids.

Debby said...

Our little dance class only allows parents to watch once a month. Nearly ALL the kids turn into shy little munchkins during that class. It is truly AMAZING how well they do without mom & dad in the room.

My daughter is a lot the same...depending on the day. Other days she can be a complete HAM!

She sounds like she enjoys it. Keep her in it....=)


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