Monday, February 23, 2009

Bunnies and Birthday

Yesterday after church we had a nice breakfast-for-lunch at home. We were soon all doin' our own thing just hanging out around the house. K-man, Lucy and I were playing in the living room (ok by playing I mean Lucy was playing; K & I were trying to nap on the couch). Lucy announced that she wanted a bunny. Huh? Actually, she said bunnies. Ok well my first thought was that she got a stuffed bunny at church and so I logically thought that's what she was asking for. No problem, I got it for her. She looked at me like I was sporting a third eye and insisted that no, she wanted BUNNIES. Perplexed, I then thought that maybe she meant one of her other stuffed bunnies so I told her to go look in her bedroom.

Frustration was building in my little Asian wonder and she said "NO, eat bunnies in the kitchen!!" Well, K said maybe she got some candy at church. I said no she didn't get any candy bunnies at church...I have no idea what she is talking about. After repeating herself many times in tears & us not having a clue what she was talking about, she finally gave up.

Fast forward to this morning.....after she ate breakfast she was in the kitchen with me as I was cleaning up. She looked on the counter and pointed & said, "I want bunnies." Suddenly I was able to translate....BROWNIES!!!! All that this precious little girl wanted was a brownie. **sigh** What a dork I am!

We are heading to dance class soon. Fingers crossed, we will see if today's lesson brings more progress. I'll let ya' know.

Lucy "helped" make Nick's Birthday Cake!!

The Birthday Boy...oops, I mean...guy...dude, MAN!


Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Haha, Lucy's cute. lol, I was like, "Lucy wants rabbit stew? What?". Haha. Good picture of Nick by-the-way.

Holly said...

That's so great! I thought the whole time that she actually wanted to try eating rabbit! I'm glad it was brownies!

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