Sunday, February 22, 2009

GREAT Tournament!!

We got home late last night from Nick's tournament (sorry I didn't post anything while there...not much time to do so!). I'm so excited to say that our team made it to the championship game....but lost. Second place is great though, especially considering they seeded us 6th & we were the big upset! Nick had a total of 60 points in 4 games!! 30 of those points were from 3 point shots!!!! 10 3-pointers!!! is his 14th BIRTHDAY!!!

Lucy did great through the whole tournament until the very end...she had had enough & the meltdown began. It was frustrating I will admit but poor little thing, who can blame her!!! We are both glad it's over for the year. ** Truth be told, I had a meltdown along with her....I desperately wanted to throw myself down on the floor & scream at the top of my lungs like she did but I maintained my composure.

And on the adoption front....we got our immigration fingerprint appointment notices in the mail!! We go to the H*meland Security office in about 10 days to get that taken care of. Yippee!!!! Movin' right along!!!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Wow! 10 three pointers is incredible! You have a natural athlete!!!

Carol said...

We are so proud of our Nick. What a great tournament for the boys. Wish we had been there!

Happy Birthday Nick! We love you!

Papa and Ninny

Carol said...

P.S. Also, how many people can wear brown and absolutely look cuter than anyone ever?

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