Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ballerina Lucy

Ok, you all have waited so patiently (except for Jaime :) for this post. Trouble now is that it's getting late (ok, well it's only 8:30) and I am eager to review our homestudy that our SW emailed because K's FBI clearance came today!! We are still waiting on mine....fingers crossed that they didn't read my blog post about B running through WM naked. Anyway, our SW went ahead and finished writing our report & is going to send it to our adoption agency w/ a note saying we are still waiting on my clearance (gulp)....little does she realize that I'M the shady one of the two of us. ;)

Yesterday was Lucy's debut on the dance floor. We had been talking about this for a while trying to prepare her, but in the back of my mind I knew trouble was brewing. The girl knows what she likes and what she DOESN'T. It all started with putting on her outfit...as you recall, we bought her a cute little ballerina costume for Christmas, which she loved (then). When I presented it to her yesterday you would have thought that I was trying to make her wear the coffee table. The more she kicked and screamed, the more determined I was that she WOULD wear this and she WOULD dance and she WOULD have fun. I'm sure I did wonders for our continuing attachment.

We got to the studio and she decided that we were, in fact, crazy. Why would we take her to a place to dance when she does it all the time in the comfort of home. And all the little blond girls didn't help. Then the teacher proceeded to tell me that it was just fine to leave her & just let her cry...that she would be ok, she was sure. I gave her a Mama Bear look and gave her 15 second lecture on attachment. There was no way I would be leaving her alone. O...K....then. From there it was touch and go as Lucy would do just the opposite as the teacher said much of the time. At one point she was just sitting, ignoring the instructions to make a sun with her arms, flipping her hair then announced that she wanted pigtails.

The teacher was patient (of course she was getting paid either way), but at the end gave us a puzzled look & gently said that whatever we wanted to do was fine (meaning: now's your chance to bail out...please). No, no, we'll be back! Stay tuned...

**Just so you know, once we got home she refused to take off her outfit. :/


Holly said...

Oh, this is so funny...and then to you I'll bet it was not so funny! The best part is that she didn't want to take off her outfit when she got home. Well, she is a woman, after all.

Jaime said...

THANK YOU! (Oh, and I'm so happy you found the other blog! Just another day for God, answering prayers and all.)
You know, she didn't cooperate b/c she didn't want to make the little blong girls feel inadequate b/c Lucy must have some MAD dancing skills. She was just trying to make them feel good about their lack of rythym.

Tracey and Chuck said...

I have just been a "lurker" on your blog for a long time but thought I would finally leave a comment. I think Lucy is the most beautiful little Asian girl that I have ever seen. My husband and I are a CHI family waiting to get our referral from Russia. I follow your blog everyday. Can't wait to hear the news of your newest arrival. I think you and your family are wonderful to open your doors to an older child. Thanks for keeping me smiling each day!!
P.S. Thought the Walmart post was histerical! (I follow A Place called Simplicity as well)

Debby said...

Cute story.....Both of my girls take dance (although this is Jami's first yr). Once a month they have parents watch week & the little ones who are normally so confident & independent become cling ons who won't move.

Except for Jami who does her thing & everytime she circles the room & gets close to where I sit, stops & flashes a million dollar smile.

She's a hoot......just a long way of saying that she will eventually probably do better without you there...yep...that's how it happens.


Nicole A. said...

So cute, even not actually dancing! My little Lily (who happens to be blond but is anxiously awaiting an Asian sister :-) ) is also a young 3 and started ballet this Fall. She was not at all sure of leaving me that first day, but eventually she did, and now she walks right in, says a big hi to her teacher and is ready to go. She does much better there without me, even though we are always together (though I love those occasional parent visitation days)! It's the cutest thing to see those tiny girls in their pink and black ballet outfits! I love (finally!) having a girl! So hang in there ... she'll get into it. Of course, just as any 3-year-old-diva-in training, she'll do it on her own time! :-)

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Lacy said...

Poor Lucy! She looked so sweet in her little outfit. I am sure she will come around eventually.

Katie "tried" out for a tiny cheer team at her big sisters gym. She was has been going there 3-4 times a week since she was born! She was so excited to be a tiny. The day of try outs (they all make it of course) she would not step foot in the gym. She refused to go in that gym for 2 months. Finally I took her out and we will wait until this year. She was a young 3 also. She tried a tumbling class last week. Let's just say things are not looking good for this year either:)

Nancy said...

That is way too funny. Love the picture of Lucy hanging on your legs. She definitly has a mind of her own. Little does she know she has met her match in you.

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