Saturday, January 24, 2009


I am resuming our fundraiser for The Morning Star Project. For updates on the Saunders, please click HERE, or scroll down for updates and for my usual daily posts. PLEASE DON'T GET THE TWO CHIPIN'S MIXED UP!!

Drum roll please.......

That's iPod Touch (8GB). This is the latest and greatest version of the iPod and trust me friends, it is awesome!! (My son Brenden bought one with his Christmas money and it is incredible!!!) An extremely generous friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous (God knows who she is and will bless her greatly!!), has graciously donated this brand spankin' new iPod Touch. Wow, God is good!!

But that's not all!!!! Another generous donor has given me a $35 Walmart gift card as a 2nd place prize!!!

AND for 3rd prize, the book, "Shaoey & Dot" will be given away.

All of this is to raise awareness AND MONEY for The Morning Star Project which is a ministry that my friends Bill & Lynsay have in Ch*na. They desperately need a vehicle to get them around town (to get to and from the hospital, grocery store, etc.) with their special needs babies that they care for (at the moment they have one baby but will very soon have more). They are also looking for a larger home because their ministry is growing quickly. PLEASE be a part of this exciting adventure!!

Here's how this is going to work (and I may have to tweak things a bit as I get this all figured out).

First, PLEASE read all the "fine print" because things have to be done in a certain way in order for me to put your names in the "hat" for the prizes. If you donate, I will assume you have read and understand the "rules."

And please, please know that this fundraiser is being done by this Christian Midwestern girl whose heart is bent on helping orphans (ME!)...I will handle this with the utmost honesty and integrity. If mistakes are made, please graciously forgive me! I'm not an attorney or CPA!

1. For each chance at winning, please donate $10 by using ChipIn (top right of this page), which is a secure site.

2. After you have made your online donation...PLEASE email me ( immediately with your donation amount, your name, address & phone number. NONE of this information will be used for anything other than notifying you that you won OR if I have questions about your donation. If you wish to remain anonymous that is fine, but you will understand that there is no way for me to add you to the drawing.

3. We will run the fundraiser for 3 weeks with the possibility of a one week extension, if needed.

4. The drawing will be done the old-fashion way (unless I come up with a better way), drawing out of a "hat".

5. No one in my household is eligible, much to the chagrin of Nick who wants desperately to win! Sorry Nick. :(

6. All items are NEW. If any additional items are donated to give away during the course of this fundraiser, they will be given away in order of their value. (For example, if another gift card is donated for say, $50, it will be moved to the 2nd place prize).

7. NONE of the money comes to me, it all goes directly to The Morning Star Project.

Ok, I think that covers it, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Now get busy and GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!!!

If you have a blog, a little plug on behalf of our fundraiser would be so appreciated!!!


Carol said...

Well done! This is exciting. I wouldn't begin to know what to do with an I-Pod but I know many who would. Thanks for injecting this interesting twist to your quest for a van for this worthy family. I am praying for this venture as I know many are. God is good.

God bless,


Brittne said...

WOW that is so generous whoever donated that! I know hubby would love to have an IPod again, we had to sell his last month to buy groceries! You can definately count on me to pitch in, although I wont be able to till thursday(payday), just know that you've got another donation comming! Till then i'll pray that there be a huge outcome for this great cause! God Bless!

Jean said...

Wow, awesome! I'm in and I'm feeling lucky! How fun!

Mom Of Many said...

Praying for God's blessing upon it all!! Sounds fantastic!! ox good job julio...

Jaime said...

you TOTALLY rock! and i made a post all about your fundraiser with links and picutres!
AWESOME!have to donate because my hubby would love the iPod touch.
have i mentioned how TOTALLY AWESOME this is? or how much you TOTALLY rock?

Holly said...

What a cool idea, Lori!!! I love it! I'll bet your friends are so excited, and so thankful to have a friend like you!

Lynsay said...

You betcha we are excited and loving having a friend like Lori!!!

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