Monday, January 26, 2009

The Beauty of Colorado

We arrived home early this morning at 2:30. UGH!! I hate that! But I'm so thankful for our safe trip.

As I reflect on our short time in Colorado, I am struck by what we saw there. We have been to CO so many, many's our favorite place to vacation. In fact as many of you know, it's where K & I met as teenagers! It has always been a desire to live there someday. We love to bask in the beauty of it all...the mountains, the rivers, on. But on this trip there wasn't time for site seeing or any of that. In fact, except one time that we went out to dinner, our time was spent either at the hotel or at the Saunders' house. But we saw true beauty there anyway....this sweet family whose faith has not been shaken, whose determination to serve the Lord is even stronger and whose conviction to bring orphans home is even deeper. I also saw the body of Christ at work...friends and family giving of themselves, through their tears of compassion, helping to bring some order back to the lives of this sweet family. I met so many people there who were joyfully giving so much of themselves and I'm so glad to now call them friends of mine. Carie (thanks for becoming a follower C!), Kim, Joanna, Irma...just to name a few, are the funnest gals & have huge hearts.

So the true beauty of Colorado wasn't in the majestic mountains or crystal clear flowing streams...this time I saw a beauty that makes me even fonder of this great state....brothers and sisters in Christ pouring themselves into a family in need. I LOVE YOU guys & can't wait to come back!!

We may never call Colorado home, but I know for certain that God is preparing a place for me that will no doubt be a log cabin (masion size) in between heavenly mountains, rivers, great, great friends...and FORMER orphans!

(That's a ROOT beer bottle, btw)

Wolf Creek Pass on our way home...

Frozen wiper blades...ever hear of a coat K-man?
Oh my goodness...I didn't get any pictures of Emma & Liberty!! I'm sorry girls!!! I guess we gotta come back!


Chris said...

Oh my what a journey! It's great seeing how the "mothering instinct" comes out in little girls. (sorry women's lib) It looks like you all did some hard(emotional)work this weekend. BTW did Linn come up with colors?


Debby said...

Quick trip, but with great rewards. When you get that mansion, make sure you have a few extra guest rooms....=)


carie said...

glad you are home safe and sound. what a blessing that you all came down to help. sorry i did not get to say good-bye
xx, carie

Holly said...

so glad they are doing well...I love the pics of the girls with the baby dolls, and Isaiah and Elijah are precious too!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Haha! Yeah, with that picture of Kelly, I was like, "What?" and then I saw the comment you left. I breathed a sigh of relief. ;)
I love you guys!

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