Saturday, December 6, 2008

Last Night

Well typically I wake up about two hours before me oodles of time to check in on all my blogging buddies and to maintain my own! But this morning I slept late because we didn't get to bed until way after midnight because of marathon basketball games over an hour away. Grrrrrrrrr. So, for now I need to just leave you with a few pics from the game....not of my rock-star players (who btw, scored 8 points (Brenden) and Nick got 10...including two 3 point'rs!!!). But enough about them...J/K!! I didn't get any fabulous pics of them so I will show you Lucy's basketball game entertainer for the mom (aka, Ninny)!

Only a grandma would climb bleachers instead of watching the exciting game!

Super model

Lucy loves her Ninny!!

And a few bonus pics of dinner....

Lucy's ingenius way of eating bbq chicken without getting her hands messy!

As for the "rest of the story" about our upcoming adoption....I will try to get to that later today! (Seriously, I'm not trying to lead you on!) I have a very messy house to clean to get ready for Lucy's BIRTHDAY PARTY tomorrow!!! Nothing like having your parents and in-laws over to get yourself motivated to clean!


Brittne said...

How clever to eat BBQ that way! I'm definately trying that technique next time! God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Yum! Getting messy is half the fun! Of course, my kids don't think so either.
Congrats to the boys on the b-ball game! One thing I do appreciate about the big city is that we don't have to drive far too often for games. I remember those long bus team/pep bus rides though.

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