Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for soap scum...yes, that's right. Let me explain...Miss Lucy takes literally dozens of pictures at a time on my cell phone and this morning was no exception. Only this time her creative photography led her to my bathroom while I was in the shower. You can imagine my surprise when I look down and see my little Asian paparazzi taking my pic while I was showering. Well, say what you want about my lack of enthusiasm to clean my bathrooms but today it saved me because the soap scum on my shower doors distorted all my imperfections, leaving me unrecognizable. Whew.

And the little stinker got up at 5:45 this morning...that's about 3 hours sooner than usual. I intentionally set my alarm at this time to get up long before the rest of my clan so I can morph into a human without others breathing down my neck causing a mood that is not-so-nice. So when Missy got up with me, well...suffice it to say that I didn't start my day as I needed to. So, my plan is....she is lacking 3 hours of sleep from her early-rise...and she usually takes a two hour nap every afternoon. She owes me 5 hours. Right??
I'm also thankful for:
1. A good night's sleep...aahh. It's precious.
2. Birthday cake..need I say more??
3. Healthy kids...THANK YOU LORD!!!
4. A gloomy fall day...hey, it's cozy!
5. Hairspray (of the highest quality of course!)
6. Slippers...I know I already listed that a couple weeks ago but I got a new pair!
7. Cheap gas prices!!! As of last night it waas $1.88 in our area!! Woo Hoo!
8. God's hedge of protection around my children
9. Electric blanket...set on 5 all night long, baby!
10. My HARD WORKING husband who loves me to pieces!


Jean said...

Someday you will be tossing off that heated blanket of yours. You will be generating your own heat- they are called Hot flashes! I remember my mother with her head in the refrigerator!

Mom Of Many said...

Finally catching up on my favorite blogs - not having internet service was seriously testing my endurance. YOur little paparazzi is the cutest!

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