Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you to all of my friends, family & blogging buddies who called, emailed & left comments wishing me a happy birthday! I got two was a quadrupel chocolate cake Angela made & brought to Bible study the other was a gorgeous chocolate cake from my mom who also brought me lunch!

My Bible study gals gave me some fun birthday from one of the most prim & proper ladies in our church, Connie, who left me laughing/crying so hard at a shocking comment she made that totally made my day! I have tried to figure out how I could delicately repeat what she said but I think it should just remain a little inside joke with my study gals. But trust me, it was hilarious & unexpected (especially coming from her).
And thanks to my sweet friend Lori Anne, who has known me since my early years, and did a lovely tribute to me on her blog yesterday (she posted it in the early-bird hours of the morning...that's just like her, you have no idea)! Where she got that pic of me on a trampoline (well I assume I have assistance jumping that high) I will never know. I don't remember that for the life of me & now, two pregnancies (and one adoption) later I'm afraid I wouldn't be so giddy jumping like that (if you have given birth, you know what I mean).

We had a lovely evening celebrating with cake & an entire box of candles (which still wasn't enough to represent my many years...but I simply refuse to risk burning down my house for the sake of my milestone b-day). Lucy was excited, which is great because her BIG DAY is next!!! I also opened my presents which were lovely (though I was really hoping the boys would make me a macaroni adorned picture of themselves...apparently they've grown up a bit. When did that happen?)

Then we took the boys to youth group (there's no way they would miss it...even if it was Mom's day of celebrating her birth), and K, Lucy & I went out to a great, way-too-filling Mexican dinner. And its saltiness left me parched all evening, which I do believe is yet another sign of the new decade I have just entered. And then we went shopping (of's just what we do) and I got a few things & Lucy couldn't live without this robe! Too cute.

And unfortunately, but predictably, no great pics of me on my day...and the one decent one, B didn't avoid the clutter on the kitchen counter, which I specifically told him to make sure didn't get in the pic (do I sound a bit controlling?? No wonder no one ever wants to take over the camera duties).


Anonymous said...

You call that clutter? I call it my goal for my counter to be that clutter-free! Ha!
Glad you had a great day!
Love you friend.
~Lori Anne
p.s. It was eggroll making day @ my house. WAY back when. :)

Leigh Anne said...

Well Lori Anne said it first. But I'm gonna second it! You call that clutter??

Mom Of Many said...

So glad you had a wonderful day! And also relieved that you are finally in the same decade as me (oh wait, that only lasts for four days!)...

Jean said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I missed it- I hope you had a wonderful day!! Are you catching up to me? JK

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