Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Success

When the boys were little, getting them ready to go anywhere was easy. A cute pair of over-alls and a little spit to make the sprouts lay down on the very boyish hairdo & off we went. Well, mercy be, have I had a crash course in the high maintenance of a little girl. First of all, she is a slow starter...she's gotta have a little cuddle time to help her ease into the new day (ok, I really like that part!), then a nice, non-rushed breakfast, next comes the over-haul. No amount of spit is going to tame that morning mane. So, a bath it is...which in and of itself is another post entirely. Suffice it to say, this Sassy Sally needs all the right toys to make it Lucy-pleasing. Then, and possibly the most important step of all is blow-drying Lu's hair. I'm sure it is just the hairdresser in me that causes me to go to such lengths but I insist on certain techniques to ensure a cute do for the day. Honestly, I have yet to let it dry by could be that it would look just fine but it goes against everything I believe in.

So, this morning was no different except that we had that extra hour! Ok, that was super nice but it made no difference in getting us girls ready on time. Anyway, we made it to church only a couple minutes late. I was determined to make this church experience better (for me) than the way it has been since bringing Lucy home. For the first time in a while we were in the service for worship & oh boy was I craving it. I love to worship & it felt so good to get back into it. Then, Lu & I went down to Children's church. My friend Angela & her mom Cathy were working with the little ones today so I decided to experiment a little...I told Lucy that I was going to leave for just a little bit and be back later. Thanks to her feeling safe with Ang, it worked!! She didn't cry or anything! I finally got to be in big church & it was so great.

This is what Lucy made today in Children's Church! I don't mean to be boastful, but it's quite obvious that she gets her artistic flair from me.

I really hope that no matter what obstacles you may face (and honestly, for most of us we tend to make those obstacles bigger than they really are), you make it a point to go to church every single Sunday. We can't go a week without feeding our tummies with food & we certainly can't neglect our starving spiritual appitites either. And let me give you another challenge...if you don't already, please get into God's word each day. Nothing can replace church on Sundays and certainly nothing can replace our own personal daily walk with Him. The Creator of the universe wants to spend time with you & me...our relationship with Him is priceless...let's treat it that way.

If all that sounds good & fine but really you don't get it...I invite you to begin your walk with Jesus this very day. Click HERE to watch a short video on what that means & how to start your life-changing relationship with Christ. If you do make that decision...please email me. I would love to rejoice with you and pray for you.

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Susan said...

Beautiful post. Thank you.

Your new quote is so true. Biden is the 3rd most liberal and to put it in perspective, Hillary was #36 in 06/07. Doesn't that curl our hair!?

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