Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little Pumpkin

I remember one time way back when Brenden was about 3, he had a little buddy in his Mother's Day Out class that refused to wear his coat...even in the dead of winter. And when his mother told me of this, with her half-giggling and half-powerless attitude, I desperately wanted to say to the poor gal..'ummm, yes but aren't you like, 4 times bigger than little Johnny and aren't you his...mother!' Well, not wanting to sound like the know-it-all-parent that I clearly wasn't, I kept that thought to myself. But yesterday I learned there are in fact three things that even a mother can't make her precious little toddler do....
1. Eat

2. Potty

3. Wear a Halloween costume

I'm really not big on Halloween, in fact, I'd just assume not participate at all. But I decided a few years ago that, "This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it" applied to October 31, every bit as much as say, December 25. And not ever wanting to miss a good party or a chance to dress up, last night we went to our church's "trunk or treat".

I had had it in my mind for some time that Lucy would be a balerina...I was going to make her a big fluffy tutu & oh wouldn't she look just adorable. Well, time just kept tick, tick, tickin' away and desperate for a way out, I clung to my mom's suggestion that Lucy dress up in the adorable pumpkin outfit that I had made that both of the boys wore when they were about her age. Perfect! No fuss, no muss.

So, wanting to be good and ready in plenty of time, I started looking for the costume just hours before we were to leave. Half-panic stricken and half-really not giving a flip, I searched in our storeage closet in the basement & finally found it on my third determined trip down, leaving memories of the past scattered all over my never-used exercise room. Yippee! I gave it a quick ironing and presented it to my princess. I'm not sure if she didn't have a clue what I was trying to do to her...(after all, don't children all over the world dress as gourds?) or if she was just practicing her right to #3. So since it was literally minutes before we were to leave, I being a know-way-more-than-any-first-time-mom-will-ever-know, I chose not to fight the battle and Lucy went to the party as...Lucy. That's how I love her best anyway. So here are a few pics from the evening.....

Lucy loving being on the hay ride (Kimberly, the sweater you made looks & fits great!!)

Micaiah the rooster trying to give Lucy a hug!

The Big boys

Lucy making once last stroll by the big slide


Mom Of Many said...

Lucy probably saw the carved pumpkins in your neighborhood and decided that there was no way on God's green earth that you were going to do that to her if she became one too....she is just waaaay on top of all that!

Jean said...

I'm LOL!! Our Johnny would never wear a costume- he always went as Johnny! (nice and easy for me!) Anna refuses to wear shoes and socks- we will see what she thinks of snow!!
I am still picturing Lucy's face when you showed her he costume- and I'm still LOL!

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