Monday, October 20, 2008

Tag...I'm It!

Ok, I've been tagged...TWICE!! First by my good blogger friend Jean then again by my friend Linn! This is too much fun! So apparently I have to tell 7 things about me so here goes...

1. I love Jesus SO MUCH!! He has given me peace in my heart, hope for my future & and most of all, forgiveness of my sins! I have a secured place in heaven & an abudant life here on earth! What else could a person ask for??

2. I love my family...there are 5 of us (so far)! Me, hubby, 2 homegrown boys & 1 adorable cutie pie adopted from China. We have a blast together & my very favorite thing to do is hang out with them!

3. I am addicted to blogging. There, I said it. Twelve steps? No I don't think so...I'm enjoying this too much to recover from it!

4. I hate to clean my bathrooms. HATE IT!!! I wish I could pay someone to do it for me...ok, I guess that I could it's just that I could never justify it, nor would my hubby ever let me! So don't come over right now to use the potty!! But, I actually like doing the laundry, even folding it. But I hate putting it away, which would explain the numerous stacks in my bedroom waiting for me.

5. I really loathe cooking....I mean, I like it when I'm motivated by hunger and have a really good meal idea planned but other than that, it is a chore I'd just assume not do, ya know?

6. Ok, after the last couple things about me (sad that I can't think of anything more interesting about me, huh?)...would you believe that I took Home Ec all through high school AND was the VP of FHA (Future Homemakers of America)!! My good, good friend Lori Anne was the President. You would think I would be very Martha Stewart-ish at this point (ok, not the insider-trading-prison-Martha Stewart but the make-a-yummy-cake-out-of-a-box-of-tissues Martha). But umm no, not so much.

7. I have the weirdest hair God gave to womankind. Seriously. It is curly/wavy...meaning, it's not curly enough to be cute-curly but too curly to be just wavy. It hates humidity and protests at the least hint of it. It LOVES the dry Colorado mountain air so it's quite possible that that is a sign from God that we need to move there. I'm serious. I also believe that God gave me the talent & ability to be a hairstylist primarily just control my own mane.

Ok, I'm going against the "rules" and not tagging anyone else for now....

And on that note....I have access to see "who" (no names or email addresses...just your approximate location..haha, sneaky huh?) is following my blog. I get about 100 hits a day, which a portion are my mother (love ya Mom!) and my friend Angela has admitted to being maybe 60% (ha! not really) and I know of a few other of my friends & family here in town but who else is out there??? Leave me a comment! I want to know a little something about my lurkers! Fun, fun!

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Shelley said...

Hi Lori! You don't know me, but I e-mailed you not too long ago through the Journey to Me website to let you know that I loved keeping up with your story and that my 5 year old son and I are praying and hoping and trying to convince his daddy and 4 year old brother that we also need to adopt a precious baby girl :). We're still praying and hoping and I love your new blog - you brighten my days with your extremely funny wit and perspective and as a sister in Christ I am encouraged by your testimony and faith. Thank you for sharing your precious family. Shelley from South Carolina

Lynsay said...

In regards to my post, yes, that was what I was thinking, makes for a good blog post at least!! Haha!

Can you see that I'm on here? I have a very sneaky way of getting around people who are trying to monitor me! On you little sidebar thing I come up as Brooklyn NY, on sitemeter I come up as Chicago IL, there, now you know!

Love ya!

susan said...

Hi Lori! I kept up with your Journey to Me site before Lucy's adoption and then all through your trip to China and after. I also kept up with Linn's postings on JTM. Now I follow both of your blogs. I am the mom of 3 homegrown kids-a daughter and two sons (20, 18, and 14) and two precious daughters born in China (5 and 3). My husband is active duty Air Force so we lived a couple of years in Wichita, KS. My youngest son was born there! We loved KS and love CO too. My husband grew up in Albuquerque and his family owned a cabin in Antonita(sp?), CO. We honeymooned in Durango in 1985. Anyhow, I love reading your posts, love that you LOVE the Lord and that you aren't afraid to share that. I have gone on too long, but thanks for your terrific posts. (BTW, Lucy is so way adorable!)
Susan (currently residing in New Jersey...of all places for a Texas girl! Thanks USAF!!)

Angel said...

It has been a pleasure to find your blog(through my friend shelley) and read about your precious family. We have a precious little one that God lead us to in China and we are so in love. Our other 3 kids are continually begging us to go again and we are praying for God's direction. Thanks for sharing your faith and humor. It is a joy to read your blog.

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Hey, Lori!
It's Sarah Slankard, Angela's cousin from Florida. Just so that you know, I've been stalking you and your family for months. :)
I love reading your blog! You're such a fun writer!
I love you all and can't wait to take another trip back to Kansas!

paula said...

Hi Lori - since you asked, I thought I'd better let you know that I too have been with you and your family on all your recent adventures. My name is Paula and I live in West Des Moines, Iowa with my awesome husband Dave, bio son Matt and Jiangxi beauty- Julia. We are waiting to travel to get our spicy boy Andrew waiting for us in Hunan China. I love your blog - you are so real and so funny. And I must say, Lucy is just adorable. Thanks for letting me into your life each day!

Paula said...

Hi Lori! I have forever wanted to leave a comment--but the ever so busy and hilarious antics of our little China doll keep me knee deep in blocks(which we can't use except for building only the way Addie WANTS us to build), play food, Snap Dolls and books, books, books. SO, tonight was the night to finally comment!! My name is Paula and am Mom to Addie Ruth who is a two and a half year old bundle of spicy joy from the Hunan province. She has been home since March 2007. We keep an ongoing journal on Journey to Me as well. I have loved following your journey and reading about your days with Lucy Joy! So many times I just break into laughter over the similarities of Addie and Lucy! What a time they would have playing together. Thanks again for keeping such a transparent journal of your family and the journeys you are walking. What a blessing to read your thoughts that we as christian Moms so often experience as well. Thanks for spreading daily joy! Paula from Georgia

Holly said...

Hi Lori! It's Holly, the one who gushes about Lucy on Journey to Me. :) I am letting you know that I am lurking on your blog! And I love it because you really, really sound a whole lot like me. :) I hate cleaning my bathrooms so much that I make (oh, I mean ask sweetly) my hubby to do it, I really don't love cooking (I wouldn't mind it oh so much if I actually had time to do it), and I am so unorganized it's sad. I am trying so hard to get better. I actually bought drawer organizers the other day. I also have wavy/puffyish hair that hates humidity, and I adore Linn on JTM and her blog. I also love Jesus with all my heart! It's so fun to meet kindred spirits in the blog world.

Anonymous said...

FHA!!! O'my Gosh! Were we really?! I had all but forgotten! Wish that class taught me a little more about the reality of homekeeping! Hee, Hee!
~Lori Anne

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