Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Everyday in Colorado seems to be a picture perfect day and today was no exception! We went to Silverton and shopped a bit...not many stores were open as they are getting ready to shut down for the winter but it was still fun to stroll through the little town. It was only about 35 degrees so it was a tad cold, especially since we hadn't exactly worn mountain-friendly attire. But no bother, we endured it just fine and had a great time!

Lucy & Baba checking out whatever was outside our very frosty window this morning! And yes, K is wearing cowboy PJ's!

Great pics on our way back from Silverton.....

We are having a super time and are just takin' life easy. Lucy is having fun too on her first family vacation!
Happy Birthday to my sweet Mom!! We love you Ninny!!

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