Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Abundant Laughter!

Last night we went to Dw & Linn's for dinner again (seriously, they have got to be sick of us by now!). We had a wonderful chili teeny, tiny bowls. That's right, normal size bowls didn't fit into Linn's new dishwasher so she got rid of them ALL. How funny is that?! She says she has too many kids to not get all the dinner's dishes in one load so out they went. And her family harasses her mercilessly about it. But she shrugs it off telling them they will burn so many more calories by getting up and refilling several times. Makes perfect sense to me!

We sat around talking and laughing endlessly about anything and everything. Then we played a mean game of 'spoons'. Oh my....this family is out to win at any cost! I think that's why they invited our family over to play...they quickly surmised that they outnumbered us and that we looked pretty weak in the card-playing area. And they were right. It was just too fun!! Dw won by the way, and made sure everyone knew it!
Isaiah and Lucy hacking into Linn's blog...oh dear, what will we find there now!
Lucy insisting that Linn show her each and every pic she took of her!
Ok Lucy, we really need to work on that super-model smile...
We had delicious hot-fudge sundaes for dessert...with Linn's homemade hot fudge...did you hear me?? Linn makes her OWN hot-fudge!! Of course she does.
Our kiddos just hangin' out having fun
The vicious game of spoons

How stinkin' cute!
Brenden, Emma & a very tired Liberty in the background

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Amie@HeartSmiles said...

The pic of the two of them hugging IS too.stinkin'.cute!!!

Sounds like you guys are having wonderful family time! What more could you ask for!

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