Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Little about Lucy

Jiangxi (in pink)

I realized recently that I haven't posted many details about Lucy! So, here you go:

Chinese Name: Fu Chuan Cong

DOB: 12.9.05

Living in: Jiangxi Province, Social Welfare Institute of Fuzhou City

Her growth report says that "she likes snacks very much" (definitely our child!). She sucks her fingers while she sleeps (so sweet). She can understand adults' words and loves to imitate. She likes to imitate children on TV (oh great) and can dance. She likes to chat with adults (chatty, just like her new mama!). Her favorite toy is the singing toy.

When a child is abandoned in China the authorities place a "finding ad" in the local newspaper in hopes of a family member coming forward to claim the child. If no one comes forward, the child is eventually made available for adoption. We were able to get a copy of Lucy's ad. I was so happy to receive it, although it made me extremely sad to think of her sweet China Mama who, after caring for her for three months, made the agonizing choice to abandon her. I know in my heart that she was forced to do this because of circumstances that she could not control. I will always pray for this brave woman who left her much wanted child in a place where she knew she would be found & cared for.

We have been waiting patiently for a few weeks now to receive updated pictures & information on Lucy. Well, that's kind of a lie...I haven't been very patient about it at all. As a Mom who wants to see for herself that her child is healthy & being taken care of, I've been quite impatient. But, I am comforted by the fact that I know God has built a hedge of protection around her and that He is ultimately her Protector.

25 more days until we go to China!!

Lucy's finding ad

Dozens of ads....heartbreaking.

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