Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Looky who's back!

Well, look at me!  Spontaneously posting to my blog,
like after, what...well over a YEAR of ignoring it?

If you don't follow me on FB, you don't know that I really am alive and well...AND BUSY.
My bakery business is thriving and has branched out into catering, also.

Anyway, today is Isaiah's FIFTH Gotcha Day....and as I was looking at old blog posts
of him, I realized how much I really MISS writing here!
AND, what a great way it is to chronicle all my goings on and silly kid things.

So, I do promise to TRY to check in regularly.
I promise to try!!

Here's a brief update on all the children:

Brenden...graduated with a math degree from college, now living three hours away working.
Nick...bought a house ten minutes away, working hard at his job.
Macy....going to junior college and working hard.  Looking for her first apartment!
Eli....finishing up his sophomore year of high school and working.
Lucy....5th grade and in charge, as always!
Isaiah....still a crazy child who makes me laugh and cringe daily.

There ya have it!

I'll try to have pics next time.

Squeal!!  I'm back to the blogging neighborhood, ya'll!


Nancy said...

So so glad you are back. Missed you.

Patty said...

Well look at you, crazy gal living on the edge! Yay for a new blog post!

PattiLynn said...

Happy I kept you on my reader! I'd follow on facebook if I had your link?!?

PattiLynn said...

Oh, I found the link. Nevermind...haha!

Jean said...

Yay! I've missed you and the fam! Glad you are back! Be sure to put reminders of your post on FB so I can catch them!

Susan A said...

yay! I just happened to click on my old blog and see who I'm following and there was an update of yours! so glad that you're doing good! :)

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