Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gotcho Day, Gardening, and Extreme Wax Buildup

 Here's what's been happening in my little corner of paradise!

First off, we just celebrated Lucy's 6th Gotcha Day on Sunday (or as Isaiah calls it, Gotcho Day).  It's soooo hard to believe how fast time flies.  She's ours through and through, that's for sure!



My garden is well underway and is growing like crazy!  As are the weeds.  I put in a hearty half-hour hoeing and whatnot the other day and decided right then and there that I never would have survived the covered wagon days.  With every drip of sweat I kept telling myself that there are farmers' markets all around...who needs this!  And, this work was simply unnecessary!  And that vegetables are overrated!  Then I decided that hard work was good for me and I should shut up take my frustrations out on the weeds! 

So after that sweat-fest, I had to go to my paying job.  And as I was setting up for dinner at my very unique eating establishment where I work, my left ear started ringing and was plugged up something awful.  I had felt a bit of this the day before, but now it was really bad.  I texted K-Man and asked him to pray because there was simply no way I could work like that...and there was no way I could bail.  The minute he sent back a text saying he was praying, my ear popped and cleared and felt WONDERFUL again.  I was SO thankful for that!

Fast forward to the next day (Sunday), my ear was bad again and never got better.  I finally decided this morning (Tuesday) that I couldn't handle the discomfort anymore...and I was certain that my family was tired of me saying, "WHAT?  What did you say?  Did you say something?? Speak up, Sonny, I can't HEAR you!"  I got an appointment really quick, thankfully.  The doctor right away declared that I had some pretty massive earwax built up in my cranium.  (I was elated!  If there's two things I love, it's puss and wax!)  So the nurse got to work unplugging me.  And she oooohed and awwwwed at what she pulled out.  The biggest wad of wax she'd ever seen!  I've always been a bit of an overachiever, not to brag.  I felt INSTANT relief and I told her that she was my new bestest friend forever!  She laughed and told me I was so cute.  Then she flushed my ear with warm water and we're forever bonded from that special moment.  It was better than a spa treatment, it was.

I skipped away, paid my co-pay, which was THE BEST twenty bucks I have ever spent, and went merrily home.  And I'm here to tell you that I feel like a brand new woman. 

The End.

Wasn't that the most inspiring story you've ever heard??   I should say so.

I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday, folks!  And may your ears be forever cleared from extreme wax buildup. 


Karen said...

I love your ear wax story!! Have you ever used those candles for removing ear wax? It works but it can be a little scary.

acceptance with joy said...

Me thinks you need a little (or a LOT) of mulch to ease up on that weeding. Work smarter not harder :-)

I have strips of OLD carpet in between the rows that I roll up and put in the barn for winter. I use old hay, lawn clippings, barn compost and whatever I can get my hands on to cover every inch of dirt so that we don't have to weed. It also holds in the moisture and where we live that is a must. Instead of carpet you can get long skinny tarps for covering wood stacks. They work great.

K said...

I'm not going to feel so bad about describing and posting pictures of my cat's lung mucus any more, but I did expect a picture of the biggest ear wax blob the nurse had ever seen!

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