Monday, January 6, 2014

Me-Time {not as planned}

This may or may not be (it is) the direct result of me just happening upon an individually frozen brownie in the freezer, which just happened to have a carton of ice cream next to it, which found its way into a bowl, and was magically topped off with chocolate sauce and walnuts.  All as a direct result of my Christmas-Break-Is-Finally-Over-Hallelujah Day turning terribly wrong when all schools were cancelled due to weather.

Blast it all!

So I ate this.  Directly resulting in every calorie I shed on the treadmill this morning being in vain.  Even-Steven, is what I'm thinking.

Unrelated to all of that, I've got it on my to-do list this week to get started on tackling the mountainous task of purging and organizing my closet.  Heavy on the purging!  I should show you a picture of how it looks right now, but I think I'll hold off until I can quickly follow it with an after picture.  Although, maybe showing you now would kick me into high gear knowing I need to get it done, lest you think I'm some sort of TV-worthy hoarder.  Let me ponder on that.

I think I'll go get started!  At least I'll get some quiet Me-Time that I am desperately craving.

And so help me, if school is cancelled tomorrow, I'm going to reorganize the attic and not come down until all the children are job-holding adults with homes of their own.

Happy Monday, my people!


Chris said...

Make sure you TAKE the before picture. It's cheating if you take it half way through. I told our teachers last night (they go to the same church) that I just won't answer the phone if they call to cancel. Thankfully God blew in the 45 degree temps overnight. We had fog and rain, but no ice this AM...but we're headed straight for the deep freeze tonite. You'd think we were in the mid-west or somepin'

Sheri Watson said...

I hear ya! They have already called to cancel for tomorrow (tuesday). The homeschoolers are back to work and the 7 yr old gets bored with packing Way to quickly which means she is scheming ways to bug the bejeebies out of the other two.

Vicky said...

You make me laugh! Schools are closed here but it doesn't close when you homeschool, my poor babies!

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