Thursday, January 9, 2014

Handy Hints to Make Your Cooking Life Easier

My all-homemade-all-the-time efforts have been a bit strained these days.  It's just so hard, and takes so much darn time, ya know?   I'm thinking we are going to just settle in as a 70/30 family.  70% homemade, 30% whimsical store-bought foods with mystery ingredients.  Some days may even be 60/40, or whatever.

But I have a few rather inexpensive ways to make cooking and clean up easier, without sacrificing food quality.  I'm so excited!

Baskets with wax paper liners.  Can you stand it?!  

My kids were like, "Mom! Wow, they have these at restaurants!"  And so does this rock star mom.
(Don't mind the Taquitos.  This was a 0/100 meal, clearly.) 

Paper Plates.

Alright, so these gems are nothing new, but I have rediscovered them and bought a pallet of them at Sam's.
(My dishwasher is singing my praises!)

Aluminum Foil Pans.

These honeys are a huge blessing when it comes time to throwing a lasagna in the oven.  And when you're cleaning up, you're like, "Oh my gosh, I don't have to wash this dang pan! Yay for me!"

That's all the handy hints I have for you today.  But don't you worry, I plan to hit the Food Service section at Sam's Club pretty hard next time I'm there.

Here's to making our jobs just a little bit easier, moms!

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Love this!! I am so headed out to Costco tomorrow and I will feel so much more joy and less guilt when I stock up on a few things to make my life easier...just cause I know you are doing it too! LOL

Chris said...

Glad to know you have "feet of clay". No seriously, the other day I told my hubby "the bad thing about all this healthy cooking, is that I'm doing it all.the.time!"

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