Thursday, December 5, 2013

Isaiah's Birthday {7 Years Old!}

December birthdays are torture, I'm telling you.
My brain can't contain the ridiculousness of planning & shopping for Christmas gifts,
AND special birthday presents.
For TWO children.

I don't know how, but it always comes together.
Or something like that.

And yesterday was Isaiah's big day!


Here's a few pictures from his special day:

Yes, he chose an almond cheesecake for his birthday cake.
He's very sophisticated, that one.

(Don't you love the look on Lucy's face!)

This Mario Party 9 Wii game is actually a gift for both of them,
and let me TELL YOU.
It's sooooo much fun!

(Hint, hint! Christmas idea!!)
(I'm here to help.)

Happy Birthday, Little Dude!

(Next up:  Lucy!)

1 comment:

Susan A said...

happy birthday Isaiah!!!!

and love Lucy's face too! :D

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