Thursday, September 12, 2013

lori makes sushi!

My apologies for leaving you sorta hanging with my last post!
I've been so busy and actually didn't pay attention to the fact that I left you
thinking my face was falling off.

So many of you have checked in on me, and I'm so grateful.  Thank you!

THANKFULLY, the meds the doctor gave me dramatically healed
up my bug/spider bite in huge strides each day since Saturday.  
I am now 98% normal.
Which is so great because I've never been normal before!
Modern medicine is so nice.


Let's dig in real quick to something more exciting.

Do you watch the TV show, The Chew?
Oh my word, I am now SO addicted.
I love a clean and tasteful talk show...and when it's tasty too, WOW.
It's so good.  And yummy!
And I just get so darn inspired to COOK.
Which is good and wonderful, but I tell ya, I am at the grocery store WAY
more than I should be (buying ingredients to try new recipes.)
I am going to have to put a moratorium on this immediately.
Well, after today, because bacon is on sale.
I gotta load up on bacon.

I made some yummy stuff last night!

One of the things I whipped up was, SUSHI!

I've never made it before, so it was so fun to give it a try.
And actually, I don't know the true definition of 'sushi', what I made may
be more along the lines of California Rolls.
But anyway, whatever it was, it was gooooood.

We did wasabi for dipping sauce, but I really preferred Chinese vinegar and soy sauce.
Really delicious!

Here's all you do:

1.  Steam some rice (I use a rice cooker, which I love.)
2.  Cut up whatever veggies you want.
(I used cucumber, avocado, and broccoli slaw.)
(I meant to put some shrimp in but I forgot.)
3.  Spread rice on a sheet of seaweed (nori).
4.  Place your veggies in the center.
5.  Then roll up tightly!
6.  Put in fridge to completely chill.
7.  Slice up.

Plate it and eat it!

I'm such a newbie at this.  So if YOU have some suggestions on different ingredients,
let me know! 

Have a great day, friends!

1 comment:

Chris said...

Hmm, wonder if my boys will eat this? cold rice!? might be pushing it. I badly need to watch a cooking show, I am so not making new stuff these days.

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