Thursday, August 8, 2013

things i did today

Here's what I've done so far today:

1.  Kicked off our 2013-14 homeschool year!

2.  Made two loaves of French bread.

3.  Made a blackberry pie.

4.  Made a fabulous BBQ chicken pizza for the lunch.

5.  Milled some grain.

6.  Enjoyed the rain, for the 147th day in a row.

7.  Changed the sheets on my bed.

8.  Found a rabbit head in my garage.

9.  Caught my oven on fire.

10.  Finally wrote a blog post.

Not that I should really need to explain, but just in case you are new here,
I live in the country, and the rabbit head was a gift from my dog.
He consumed the rest for himself.

Oh, it's just so symbolic of my entire life.

And thank goodness for my second oven in the garage, otherwise I never could
have done #2 & 3 after the unfortunate incident with #4.
(But the pizza was saved, and boy was it delicious!)
(The oven on the other hand...I'm not sure about.)

As far as #1 goes, I will tell you this.
These two little kiddos of mine are all-in.
But I will also say this.
Isaiah has the attention span of a Kansas fence post.
So it's my crafty job to cram in as much as I possibly can in a
very short amount of time.
And believe me you, this kid is LEARNING.
And he's super smart.
And I'm very proud of him.
And it's times like this that I'm very happy to be homeschooling
because I have no doubt that if he was in a classroom
all stinking day long, he would never make it.
And they would slap some sort of label on him and recommend 
some sort of horrific medication.
So I'm just super thankful for homeschooling.

Here are some pictures o' the day:

This is my summer uniform.  T-shirt, stretchy sorts, WITH pockets, so I can
carry my phone and timer with me.

Because I almost always have something in the oven.
And I need my timer...because I WILL forget whatever is baking if I don't have a reminder.

French bread.
Gah!  So delicious.

It is my greatest desire to *someday* make a pretty pie.
Some day!!!

I hope your day has been every bit as adventurous and productive as mine!


AfterGirl said...

The prettiest pies taste the worst!

Wendy said...

Your pie looks yummy! I do have a question, when you have a moment, I want to know more about milling grains to make your own breads. I am gluten free and I bet if I milled my own grains, I would not have issues with eating breads. You are the only one I know who mills. Thanks!

Vicky said...

Okay, I need a nap after reading about your day!

The oven fire....another reason not to cook, although your bread and pie looked wonderful!

cara said...

Please share your french bread recipe. It looks fabulous! My pies always look terrible, yours looks pretty good. Cara

Chris said...

I agree, pretty pies usually are not very good oven is usually not very pretty after baking a berry pie.
yes pockets are a requirement at my house, but i can never find my timer, I need to use the one that they can't steal.
Good luck with the fence post learner, can't Lucy do something with him?

quilt'n-mama said...

I can't keep up... I attempted much, including making yummy yeast bread that included a huge zucchini in it we found in the garden after returning from our trip!

We start school Monday, though the girls jumped in already so they could go to the last morning of gymnastics summer practice on Tuesday!

I think the pie looks wonderful! Wish I lived closer to enjoy it with you!

Holly said...

Okay...I just honestly do NOT know how you do it. If I bake ONE thing in my day, I consider the whole day an amazing success. Even if I get nothing else done. And the rabbit's head?? Oh my word...

Janet said...

I'd love your bread recipe too. I've just started attempting it. I just made your King Arthur tortillas today, double batch got me 32. We also had homemade pizza=)
The Presto timer has a clip, and a magnet back. The kitchen gadget at WM has them or about $3. And it's easy enough for the kids if you preset the time. We leave one set for 20min, and the kids use it to practice piano. Another on the magnet board, they use for Ipad. Worth every dime.151 e

NewBestDay said...

What a wonderful day :) I was home-schooled until high-school so I love hearing about your kdis!! Also growing up on a farm and constantly having something in the oven - it's like reading about my own life!!

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