Sunday, August 25, 2013

neked african man

If there is any inkling of good that comes from the death of a loved one, it's this.
 Family and friends flock together and hold on tight to one another.
And stories flood the air of the one who was sadly lost,
 and the resulting tears and laughter are such good medicine.
So very good.

As we were grudgingly plowing through those first dark hours of the sudden passing of my father-in-law,
we locked arms with each other and poured over photos and the precious memories attached to them.

And I want to share with you one of many funny stories.
(I'm certain this offend someone. Just deal with it.)
This is a funny family story that we laugh hysterically at every time it's told.
I just wish my father-in-law could tell it to you,
because he would no doubt embellish it to make it all the more funny!

My in-laws spent a lot of time in Kenya, Africa, on the mission field over the years.
SO many lives redeemed and changed because of their work there!
I hate that I never took the opportunity to go with them.

Especially because of the naked African man.

You see,
in the little town near where they served, there was a man,
a naked man, who walked up and down the main street, pulling a rope.

A naked man, pulling a rope.
Up and down the road he went, day after day.

And in a horribly ornery missionary-moment, my father-in-law even 
ran over his rope with the car, just to see what would happen.
It didn't even seem to faze the poor guy.

Then one day, news got around town that Naked Man Pulling a Rope died.
So sad!

But, without a missed beat, another man took his place.
That's right, another naked man resumed pulling the rope through that little Kenyan town.

 The End.

(Is that funny and twisted or what?!)
I'm so sorry.


Chris said...

Surely there was a rope dragging club or something?

Karin said...

So....WHY was he pulling the rope? Warding off evil spirits or something?

quilt'n-mama said...

Where did they serve?!?! When we were in Kenya, there was a neked man well known where we served! We have a funny story I will have share with you sometime!

Tesseraemum said...

Twisted AND Funny! Don't you wonder if someone, upon hearing of rope guy's death, fell to their knees and said NOOOO, Now I HAVE to be the rope guy!!!! WHY? WHY? WHY?! Or maybe its a special job that he was waiting all his life to fulfill. The world may never know.... Sheri

Joyful said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog when looking for the blog of a friend who has a similar blog name. So very sorry for your loss.Obviously the first man had a mental issue so there is probably some reason in his mind why he had to carry the rope around. As for the 2nd man, perhaps another mentally ill person who wanted to copy cat. Your story reminded me of my time in Peru in the barrio where I too saw a naked man walking down the street. He wasn't carrying anything but I was stunned to see him completely without clothing.

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