Saturday, July 27, 2013

Colorado-Bound (Part 1) (Love Mission!)

Well, last evening K-Man and I literally headed off into the sunset.
And it was glorious.
Western Kansas has never been more ravishing!

The ginormous windmills on the plains were spectacular.
I wish my pictures could show just how cool they looked, all majestic-like,
as the sun went down behind them.
Hundreds of them!

And this one had an American flag.
I stood up proud right there in our little car and said the Pledge of Allegiance!

I had my little spot carved out in the car.
Bag of magazines on the left.
Purse with various sundries on the right.
My Kindle on my lap.
And life was grand.

K-Man and I were two crazy kids on a Love Mission!

And then on the last leg of our big long drive,
I concluded that sitting in that blasted shoe-box car was no different than
riding the claustrophobic tram to the top of the St. Louis Arch,
and I nearly scaled to the top of it for sweet, glorious freedom and fresh air.
And to start a whole new life.
K-Man has never been more attractive to me than that moment.

But we finally arrived, intact and still married.


julie said...

Oh Lori, I know exactly what you mean about that tiny little capsule in the Gateway Arch!!! I live 20 minutes from it, we pass it at least once a week...Mia has been home almost 2 years and she BEGS to go to the top....I just CANNOT bring myself to do it again! I think it's been 20 years since I took that 10 minute long, claustrophobic trip to the top, not sure how I did it.

I hope you and Kelly have a wonderful time on your vacation, every couple needs to getaway sometimes.

quilt'n-mama said...

Hope you have a great time out here! We are currently loving life at 8000+ feet sad that we head back to the flat lands tomorrow!

Chris said...

Those big windmills always make me think we ended up on some alien planet....they make a lot of noise when you are standing right under them.

Judy Deaton said...

Hope you are having a wonderful adventure!! Those windmills give me the creeps! They look lonely and so cold and heartless.......just give me an eery lonesome feel.......bury me not on the lone praireeeee where the wind blows low.....and mornfully.......or something like that:) ANYWAY......moving on....Have FUN!!!! you deserve it:)

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