Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mu shu pork (kansas-style)

Okay listen, people.
As much as I love (LOVE!!!) these recent snowstorms we've had here,
the cancellations of school & related activities have left me
in a tailspin.
I am a creature of habit and if you take away my hamster wheel,
well...I go completely nutty.

So, having said all that, tomorrow looks like it will be a *normal* day,
school will take place and the earth will be back on its axis.
Thank you, Jesus!

I made Mu Shu Pork last night, of which I took pictures,
so I suppose I will post about it.
Though everyone in my family thought it was quite tasty,
I was a bit critical.
But that's normal for me.
I am negative about everything I make, almost always.
Well, except when no-one else likes what I make, and I happen to LOVE it,
and I call everyone else CRAZY and run away crying.

Yes, that's how it usually happens,
one way or another.

So, back to the Mu Shu Pork.

About a pound or so of thinly sliced pork (or ground), seasoned with freshly ground ginger,
garlic, salt, pepper, soy sauce....and whatever else you want.
Stir-fry it up in a wok with sesame oil. 

Add in some shredded cabbage & carrots!

Cook it up real nice.

Then heat up some hoisin sauce, a tad bit of soy sauce, Chinese vinegar & brown sugar.
(I didn't measure...just do it up the way you like, man.)

 Then load it all up in a tortilla!
(Yes, I know.  Go with me's the Kansas version of a Chinese pancake.)

 Add some sticky white rice on the side & your Asian crowd will be pleased as punch,
I promise!!!

That's all for now.
Over and out.

May your days be filled with normalcy!!


Jean said...

looks and sounds delicious! You are so creative!!

The MN version would have mashed potatoes with it!

Karin said...

Looks yummy!! :) I want to eat at your house every day.

Susan said...

Wow! Total YUM!

Chris said...

Got ground pork on sale, chinese cabbage, carrots...gotta make more's what's for supper tomorrow nite.

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