Friday, January 25, 2013

11 random things

1.  I am growing my hair out.  And I really mean it this time.  But if it's not Farrah Faucet gorgeous in a month, I'm changing the plan, man.

2.  I have discovered Olive Tapenade.  Its salty goodness is amazing to me.  But oddly, I don't even like olives.  Or so I thought...

3.  I have a bathroom-cleaning accountability partner.  Her name is Angela.  We strictly hold each other accountable to clean our bathrooms EVERY week.  (Some of you are rolling your eyes in wonder that this is necessary.  Loosen up, people.)  Though Angela has had sick kiddos a lot lately so I've had to extend a lot of grace to her.  But if she goes two weeks without cleaning one more time, I'm cracking the whip.

4.  My beloved 10-year-old CHI flat iron broke yesterday.  It just completely cracked in half.  In HALF! I held a ceremony in its honor, then cried my eyes out.  Thankfully my mother-in-law gave me another one recently that is practically brand's no CHI, but I'm grateful to have it until I can afford another fancy-shmancy one!

5.  I like Michael, but miss Regis terribly.

6.  My kitchen still smells like chicken fried steak from LAST NIGHT because the pan of grease is still sitting on my stove.  Used grease leaves me really confused.  I usually just dump it in our woods somewhere.  Don't tell Al Gore.  Although maybe it's perfectly fine.  I really don't know.  Hence, the confusion.

7.  For the first time ever, in almost 20 years of being a mother, my laundry bucket was completely empty.  It only lasted around 12 minutes, but I'd say that's pretty darn good by any mom-of-six's standards.  Amen?

Clearly this is after the 12 minute threshold.

8.  I made blueberry muffins today that look almost nuclear with color.  I think the world has forgotten what incredible beauty God has given us in REAL foods.  Store-bought muffins (with who-knows-what for "blueberries") look so well-behaved.  NOT MINE, no sir!!

9.  In high school, I was the vice-president of Future Homemakers of America.  I think I've mentioned that in passing before, but thought I'd say it again.  It prepared me well for my tasks-at-hand NOW!  Yesssss.  Do they even have FHA anymore?  I doubt it.  How old-fashioned and politically incorrect!!   Phhhht.

10.  As for this American homemaker, I am making sandwiches for dinner tonight.  And store-bought onion rings.  I hold the right to reserve my homemaking skills for if/when I want to use them, as you can see.

11.  Here is what I came home to the other day:

Nick had strategically placed my fresh-picked eggs on mini chocolate chips.

Enjoy your weekend, people!!


Anonymous said...

The chocolate chip egg holders is quite creative! FHA is now FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America and Home Ec. is called Family and Consumer Science.

Sally-Girl! said...

I think you stole the "11" idea from me!!!

Katy said...

I really like that you added one more thing to your list this time. Will next time have 12 random things? I'm already excited for next time :).

I just got my first CHI flat iron for Christmas and I love it! So sad yours broke!

Totally with you on number 6, used grease confuses me too. I wish I had woods to dump it in.

Your picture of the blueberry muffins greatly frightened me at first! I thought they were moldy! I'm sure they taste delicious though.

And to respond to your comment...My neighbor just had a newborn baby, I'm sure she wouldn't mind letting me practice on him! haha

Karin said...

Bahahaha...that egg and chocolate chip thing cracks me up! Obviously a chip off the old block, that boy. I want to see pics of your hair! But so sorry about your flat iron. That is tragic.

Chris said...

Yeah, when I saw the 11 I was wondering if you would have an announcement similar to Sally's.
The grease? strain it and re-use. Don't tell Al Gore you are frying things!
Good weekend to you too! we have a temp of 7 it can only get better

Yvette said...

Heehee dieting laughing and we thought we were the only ones who poured out our Greece in the woods!

Janet said...

The grease--me too! If I have a large container, I'll use it, and put it in the trash. Usually it gets poored at the fence line--the neighbor has woods at the rear of thier yard---don't tell them I dump grease there!!
Nick--you have too much time on your hands---come work in my yard!

Jen said...

Love your posts :) And...the whole grease thing confuses me too!!

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