Wednesday, December 12, 2012

sticky early birdy

 Once again, I was up WAY early this morning.
My middle name is Early Birdy.
But I fell fast asleep last night at exactly 9:22 (or thereabout),
so...with six hours of sleep, I am SO good to go.
And unstoppable!

I have nothing to blog about today,
except that to share with you that I now I have a raging sticky-note addiction.
My lists are stuck everywhere.
Which allows me to not have to keep one shred of information
stored in my brain ever again for the rest of my life!
My middle name is Sticky.
Sticky Early Birdy.
(That doesn't flow...but we'll keep working on it.)

I have been joyfully CRAZY-BUSY this week with baking & such.
(Heavy on the crazy. And busy.)
I've also been milling grains and putting together bread mixes.
I have lots of orders this week.
Don't ever try to hold back an entrepreneurial stay-at-home mom.
You can't contain such a woman!

Here are just some of my mixes.
More to go later this week.

If you are local and would like to shop for some gift ideas,
swing on over to my little business site!

Have a lovely Wednesday!!

1 comment:

Madeleine said...

Why do not you & I live close to each other??!!??

We could start a company and call it Survivors of the King. lol.

Or at the very least I would be your biggest customer. lol.

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